Professor At University of Colorado Boulder Explains How Mars Lost Its Water

Mar 31, 2017 PM EDT Mars was once a hot spring planet until the sun washed its atmosphere away and took all of its liquid water.

NASA: Mars is Livable by the Year 2030

Aug 01, 2016 AM EDT Gathered biological evidences proved that there was life in Mars. Is this the first step towards making the Red Planet as livable as Earth?

Researchers Find Evidence of Habitable Environment at the Foot of Martian Volcano

May 29, 2014 AM EDT Life could have existed in Mars at the foot of a giant volcano that is as tall as Mt.Everest, according to a Brown University study.

Martian Clouds Require Higher Humid Conditions than Clouds on Earth, Study

Oct 08, 2013 AM EDT In attempt to determine the conditions that give rise to clouds in the Red Planet’s atmosphere, researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) established Mars-like conditions within a ...

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