PAD Patients Benefit from Home-Based Exercise Programs, Study

May 27, 2014 AM EDT Home-based exercise programs help people suffering from clogged leg arteries to walk long distances and faster, according to a Northwestern University study.

Roasted Toads Was First a Britons Delicacy than France, Wiltshire Dig

Oct 17, 2013 AM EDT Britons’ long-running joke made at France for feasting on frogs has hit back at them. A recent archaeological dig in Wiltshire has found evidence of prehistoric Britons eating frog legs 8,000 years ...

T-Shirt Gun Explosion Injures UA Intern

Sep 02, 2013 AM EDT An intern at the University of Arkansas (UA) athletics marketing department suffered a leg injury Saturday after a T-shirt gun exploded during the Razorbacks' season-opening football game against ...

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