Dan Brown’s Books Doesn’t Tell You He Was A Math Teacher

Aug 30, 2016 AM EDT Reading Dan Brown’s books doesn’t show that he was both an English and Mathematics teacher.

The Weeknd Gives $50,000 To Fund Ethiopic Studies Program

Aug 08, 2016 AM EDT The Weeknd has donated funds to the University of Toronto for its Ethiopic Studies program.

PennState's 'CLA Hub': Secured University Careers For Students?

Jul 05, 2016 AM EDT The CLS (Center for Language Science) hub in Pennsylvania State University promises bigger futures for the bilingual/multilingual language learners! Networking various fields in the concept of ...

Calvin Launches New Chinese Education Major and Minor

Jul 16, 2014 AM EDT The Michigan Department of Education has approved a Chinese education major and minor at Calvin College.

Music Boosts Blood Flow in Brain, Study

May 09, 2014 AM EDT Music increases blood flow in the left hemisphere of the brain, according to a University of Liverpool study. The finding indicates that the areas responsible for music and language share common brain ...

Top 13 Hated Words in English Language (2013)

Jan 02, 2014 AM EST Selfie, the recently introduced word in the Oxford English Dictionaries Online, has been crowed the most detested word of the year. The 2013 international word of the year is followed by twerk, ...

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