University Of California Berkeley Chancellor Defends Milo Yiannopoulos' Freedom Of Speech

Feb 27, 2017 AM EST UC Berkeley chancellor reaffirms the school's commitment to freedom of expression as well as diversity and inclusion.

Two Common Excuses For Not Completing One's College Education And How To Overcome Them

Feb 25, 2017 AM EST Lack of time and resources should not be a hindrance to completing one's college education.

Caitlyn Jenner Says Trump's Retraction Of Transgender Bathroom Protections 'A Disaster'

Feb 25, 2017 AM EST Caitlyn Jenner has called out Trump for retracting the transgender bathroom protections in public schools.

Virginia University Investigates Racist Video With Person Wearing School Logo

Feb 24, 2017 PM EST A racist video was posted online featuring someone believed to be from Old Dominion University.

University Of Chicago President Talks About How Trigger Warnings Suppress Free Speech

Feb 22, 2017 AM EST The university's president explained why the school will not have trigger warnings or safe spaces.

Presidential Search Of Kentucky State University Met With Controversy And Criticism

Feb 21, 2017 AM EST Kentucky State University has been met with criticism for the final list of candidates it announced last week.

DREAMer Detained By Immigration Agents Denied Release By Federal Judge

Feb 21, 2017 AM EST A federal judge declined to release Daniel Ramirez.

Betsy DeVos Admits Surprise Over Education Secretary Appointment

Feb 21, 2017 AM EST DeVos knew about the possiblity of becoming Education Secretary a day after the election.

New Initiative Urges Universities To Waive Application Fee For First-Generation Students

Feb 20, 2017 AM EST The No Apologies Initiative aims to remove one obstacle that first-generation students face upon applying for university or college.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Slammed For Criticizing Washington Public School Teachers

Feb 20, 2017 AM EST DeVos criticized teachers from Jefferson Academy after she was blocked entrance by protesters during her visit earlier this month.

Catholic University Confirms First Lay Leader In Its History

Feb 18, 2017 AM EST DePaul University has confirmed a new president coming in on Jul. 1.

5 Best Practices Every Campus Committee Should Know

Feb 18, 2017 AM EST Check out the practices that every campus committee should do.

What Milo Yiannopoulos Is Trying To Sell To Colleges About Free Speech

Feb 17, 2017 AM EST Milo Yiannopoulos wants universities and colleges to challenge liberal ideas as well.

UW President Shares What Universities Should Equip Students With In Free Speech Issue

Feb 16, 2017 AM EST Ms. Cauce believes that universities and colleges should not block events like Milo Yiannopoulos' speech but instead teach students to think more critically.

Patent Battle: Harvard, MIT Win Against UC Berkeley For CRISPR Technology

Feb 16, 2017 AM EST The Board Institute of Harvard and MIT has won a patent battle for CRISPR technology.

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