Lack of Psychological Support for Those Dealing with Infertility in the UK

Dec 07, 2019 AM EST New study also shows 'postcode lottery' of how many IVF treatments funded.

No Eggs Required: New Scientific Breakthrough Shows Hope in Ending Infertility in Women

Oct 21, 2016 AM EDT A team of Japanese researchers have discovered a method to create mature eggs from the skin cells of lab mice. They were able to produce 11 pups from the experiment.

Heterosexual White Women Are Leading Beneficiaries of Infertility Treatments, Study

Aug 20, 2014 AM EDT Heterosexual white women are twice as likely as racial or sexual minority women to seek fertility help, according to a University of Virginia study.

Researchers Develop New Method to Treat Male Infertility

Aug 12, 2014 PM EDT Queen's University researchers have developed a new method to treat male infertility - where a patient's sperm is unable to initiate the activation of egg to form an early embryo.

Cell Phone Exposure can Lead to Infertility in Men, Study

Jun 10, 2014 AM EDT Keeping mobile phones in trouser pockets can significantly affect fertility in men, lowering their chances of becoming a father, according to a University of Exeter study.

Fracking Causes Hormonal Imbalance, Study

Dec 17, 2013 AM EST People living around fracking sites should now practice extra caution as the chemicals involved in the process can cause hormone imbalance, according to a University of Missouri study. Past studies on ...

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