New Studies About Parechovirus Shows Alarming Results

Apr 26, 2016 AM EDT A fatal and life-threatening virus that could cause brain damage to new-born babies has been discovered.

Correct Use of Car Seat Lowers Injury Risk among Infants, Study

Oct 14, 2014 AM EDT Incorrect use of car seats increase infant's risk of injury in a crash, according to an Oregon Health and Science University hospital study.

Introduce Solid Foods to Infants While Breast-Feeding To Prevent Allergies, Study

Nov 19, 2013 AM EST Introducing solid food with breast milk after the 17th week of birth could significantly reduce food allergies in babies, according to a University of Southampton. Researchers believe that giving the ...

Infants Can Identify Lullabies Played To Them While In the Womb, Study

Oct 31, 2013 AM EDT Newborns can identify lullabies played to them while in the womb, a University of Helenski study says.

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