Nostalgia Can Be Good For You , Here's How

Dec 24, 2016 AM EST Here are the reasons why nostalgia can make you feel happier.

Winter Blues: Doctor Shares Tips On How to Keep your Mood Up and Stay Happy In this Season

Dec 07, 2016 PM EST Winter is here and the colder temperatures can probably make you feel blue, but here are science-backed tips to help you stay happy this season.

Strong Family Bonds Reduce Inflammation in Children of low-income Families, Study

Jul 22, 2014 AM EDT Strengthening families can help reduce inflammation - a chronic overactivation of parts of the immune system essential for long-term health - in children from low socioeconomic backgrounds, according ...

Sharing of Household Work Leads to Happy Married Life in Newlywed Couples, Study

May 08, 2014 AM EDT Couples, who share household chores equally, are more likely to live a happy married life, according to a University of Illinois study.

Happy Married Couples Exhibit Healthier Lifestyles, Study

Sep 28, 2013 AM EDT Leading a happy married life can help improve health, according to a new 20-year-long study conducted by researchers from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln.

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