Ohio Unoiversity Study Predicts Greenland’s Coastal Ice Sheet To Disappear by 2100

Apr 01, 2017 PM EDT Greenland's coastal ice melt hit a tipping point 20 years ago, according to a study from the Ohio State University says

Vermont Researchers Discover Tundra Landscape beneath Greenland Ice Sheet

Apr 19, 2014 AM EDT University of Vermont researchers discover 3 million-year-old ancient tundra landscape below Greenland Ice Sheet.

Giant Marine Animals Filtered Food like Modern Whales

Mar 27, 2014 AM EDT An international team of researchers found Tamisiocaris, ancient sea creatures, filtered food like modern whales.

Greenland May Become Greener Due To Climate Change

Aug 28, 2013 AM EDT By the end of 2100, climate change could transform Greenland into vast swathes of forest land instead of barren ice sheet, according to scientists.

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