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Harvard Scientists Plan World's Largest Geoengineering Study

Apr 03, 2017 AM EDT Harvard Professors David Keith and Frank Keutsch argues that solar geoengineering could be a radically effective way to halt climate change.

University of Southern Denmark Claims That The Melting Sea Ice Is Actually Good For Animals

Apr 03, 2017 AM EDT A new study suggests that Arctic animals are actually benefitting from global warming.

New Study Finds Most Southern California Beaches Will Be Gone in 2100

Mar 29, 2017 AM EDT A new study reveals that Southern California beaches are in danger of being lost to erosion due to sea-level-rise by 2100.

Trump Makes Stephen Hawking Sad, Renowned Scientist Loses Hope

Mar 27, 2017 PM EDT Stephen Hawking is saddened by the fact that Donald Trump stopped the funding for climate change research.

Earth Hour 2017 Brings Global Blackout

Mar 26, 2017 AM EDT On Saturday, the globe have an hour-long blackout. People around the world will show that they are against the use of fossil fuels because it causes global warming.

Global Warming: Terrifying Facts About The Rapid Melting Of Sea Ice

Mar 24, 2017 AM EDT Alarmingly, the combined sea ice from the North and South Poles are at their all-time lows since 1979 due to global warming.

Donald Trump Ends Climate Change Research, The Perils Of Mother Earth`

Mar 22, 2017 PM EDT President Donald Trump and his cabinet may put life on Earth at risk as they propose to stop all research studies related to climate change.

EPA Head Needs Head Checked

Mar 10, 2017 PM EST Donald Trump’s Head of the Environmental Protection Agency denied the basic scientific understanding that carbon dioxide emissions are the major cause of global warming. This is a big opposition to ...

Researchers Evacuate Antarctica; Crack Grew 17 Miles in 2 Months [Video]

Feb 10, 2017 PM EST The Larsen C ice shelf has been monitored by British researchers and found a crack in the ice shelf, which has grown 27 kilometers (17 miles) since December.

Trump Meets With Princeton Scientist Who Believes Climate Change Is Good

Jan 16, 2017 AM EST Donald Trump met with Princeton physicist William Happer.

University Scientists Find Massive Peatland In Central Africa, Warns Of Global Warming Impact

Jan 12, 2017 AM EST A massive peat that has been accumulating for more than 10,000 years holds about 30 billion tons of carbon.

MIT Researchers Find Greenhouse Gases Cause Further Rise In Sea-level

Jan 11, 2017 AM EST MIT and Simon Fraser University researchers study how greenhouse gases stay in the ocean for a long period of time.

Scientists Find What Nearly Destroyed The Great Barrier Reef Decades Ago

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST The Great Barrier Reef almost drowned.

Global Warming Is Not Slowing Down , New Study Shows

Jan 09, 2017 AM EST The "hiatus" of global warming may be due to undetected bias in measurement.

No White Christmas? Temperature Predicted To Rise For The Weekend

Dec 21, 2016 AM EST Christmas may be a little warmer this year.

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