University of Sheffield Returns 300-Year Old Tapestry, Looted By Nazis, To French Family

Jun 19, 2014 AM EDT University of Sheffield has returned a 300-year-old tapestry to its rightful owners at the Ch√Ęteau de Versainville in Normandy.

Researchers Discover Earliest Evidence of Limb Bone Marrow in fin of a 370-Million-Year-Old Fish

Mar 28, 2014 AM EDT A team of French and Swedish researchers discovered earliest fossil evidence of limb bone marrow in the fin of a 370-million-year-old fish.

Primitive Fish Reveals How Humans Developed Faces, Study

Feb 14, 2014 AM EST A team of French and Swedish researchers solved the mystery behind the formation of face in vertebrates including humans. The researchers studied the evolution of an ancient fish, Romundina to explain ...

Gardiner's Seychelle Frogs Hear With Mouths, Study

Sep 03, 2013 AM EDT Though the Gardiner's frogs of the Seychelles islands do not have an ear drum, they can still manage to detect other frog's sounds. By using X-rays, French scientists discovered that the amphibians ...

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