Eating Slowly and Chewing Food More Can Help Shed Excess Fat, Study

May 15, 2014 AM EDT Tokyo University of Technology researchers have established a link between excessive chewing of food and shedding fat.

Boston Researchers Identify Impulsivity as Factor for Food Addiction and Eating Disorders

May 14, 2014 AM EDT People suffering from either an eating disorder or obesity have been found to be more impulsive than their healthier peers.

African Songbird Mimics Alarm Calls to Steal Food, Study

May 07, 2014 AM EDT Drongos, an African bird, imitate other species’ alarm calls, to scare them away and steal their abandoned food, according to a University of Cape Town and University of Western Australia study.

Researchers Discover Brain Areas That Predicts Tendency to Succumb or Resist to Food Temptations, Study

May 05, 2014 AM EDT Researchers from Dartmouth College and the University of Cologne discover brain regions related to reward and self-control that help determine whether a person succumbs or resist daily temptations ...

Diners Find Expensive Food Tastier, Study

May 02, 2014 AM EDT Diners perceive expensive food to be tastier than the same meal offered at a lower price, according to a Cornell University study.

Chronic Stress in Combination with Junk Food Increases Risk of Stroke and Diabetes, Study

May 02, 2014 AM EDT People, who are extremely stressed and consume foods rich in fat and sugar, are at increased risk of developing health problems than low stressed people with similar diet chart, according to a ...

Low-Calorie Menus Does Not Help People Lose Weight, Study

Apr 22, 2014 AM EDT Restaurants that offer a separate section of “low-calorie” food items on their menus are more likely to prevent people from choosing healthy options, according to a Georgia State University and ...

Hard and Rough Texture Foods Perceived to Have Less Calorie, Study

Apr 19, 2014 AM EDT People are more likely to associate foods that are hard or having rough texture with fewer calories, a latest study shows. Researchers said that both texture and taste of food influences diet choices.

Giant Marine Animals Filtered Food like Modern Whales

Mar 27, 2014 AM EDT An international team of researchers found Tamisiocaris, ancient sea creatures, filtered food like modern whales.

Frequent, Smaller Meals Prevent Feline Obesity, Study

Feb 24, 2014 AM EST Eating frequent smaller meals is known to cut obesity risk in humans. However, University of Illinois researchers have found that tiny, regular meals can eliminate feline obesity as well.

Sugar As Dangerous As Tobacco, Liverpool Professor Says

Jan 29, 2014 AM EST Professor Simon Capewell, from the University of Liverpool Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, is urging for reduced amounts of added sugar in food and soft drinks to fight obesity.

Fishes Prefer Lying On the Ocean Floor during Sunny Days, Study

Dec 13, 2013 AM EST Johansen said the coral trout located in the northern region of the Great Barrier Reef tolerate warmer temperatures better than their southern peers.

Crocodiles and Alligators Use Sticks as Bait to Lure Bird Prey, Study

Dec 04, 2013 AM EST Crocodiles and alligators apparently use small sticks to lure water birds and prey on them, according to a new University of Tennessee study.

Top Influential US Athletes Endorse Unhealthy Food Products, Study

Oct 07, 2013 AM EDT Peyton Manning, LeBron James and Serena Williams are the top most influential U.S. athletes who have been found promoting and marketing unhealthy food, according to a research conducted by Marie Bragg ...

Colorado School of Mines Create Minerals from Food Waste

Oct 05, 2013 AM EDT Moving away from the conservative ways of converting food waste into something productive like energy or heat, Colorado School of Mines has created minerals out of the waste, potentially diverting ...

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