Anti-Inflammatory Drugs May Help Lower Blood Vessel Disease Risk in Diabetics: Study

Sep 12, 2014 AM EDT A Spanish University study found that inflammation might be the culprit behind high blood sugar levels' damaging effects on blood vessels. The findings suggest that anti-inflammatory medications could ...

Peripheral Neuropathy linked to Cardiovascular Diseases in Diabetic Patients, Study

Aug 07, 2014 AM EDT The loss of sensation in the feet in diabetics can be a predictor of cardiovascular events like heart attack and strokes, according to a new study by the St. George's University of London.

High-Salt Diet Doubles Stroke Risk in Type-2 Diabetics, Study

Jul 23, 2014 AM EDT Type-2 diabetic patients, who adopt diets rich in salt content, face heightened risk of developing cardiovascular diseases than those who consume less sodium, according to a new study by the ...

Low-Carb Diet Reduces Inflammation in Type 2 Diabetes Patients, Study

May 15, 2014 AM EDT Besides promoting weight loss, a low-carb diet also helps in lowering inflammation in patients of type 2 diabetes, according to a study by researchers at the Linkoping University, Sweden.

Obese and Diabetic Fathers More Likely To Have Unhealthy Daughters, Study

Jan 18, 2014 AM EST Obese and diabetic men are more likely to have overweight daughters, according to University of South Wales study. Researchers said that the paternal diet, body weight and health affect the baby's ...

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