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New Study Claims 68% Of The Known Universe Does Not Exist [Video]

Apr 10, 2017 PM EDT The accelerating expansion of the universe relied on a model that explains dark energy as partly responsible in fueling the expansion. A new model by a Hungarian-American team showed consistent ...

Science 2017: New Evidence Found About The Moon's Formation

Jan 11, 2017 AM EST The latest scientific study of the Moon debunks a popular hypothesis on its formation.

NASA Announces Plans To Study The Early Solar System By 2020s

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST NASA will be sending two spacecrafts to Jupiter and a metal asteroid.

Calvin College Scientist Predict Explosion Of Star In 2022

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST We may be able to witness an explosion of a star with just the naked eye in 2022.

NASA Shares Photo Of Hundreds Of Massive Black Holes

Jan 07, 2017 AM EST It pictured hundreds of black holes with different energies.

Scientists Finally Identify Source Of 'Fast Radio Bursts' Discovered A Decade Ago

Jan 06, 2017 AM EST Astrophysicists were able to trace the source of one FRB.

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