Sprite Might Cure Hangover, Chinese Scientists Say

Oct 08, 2013 AM EDT Chinese researchers have discovered that Sprite is one of the best options to get over a alcohol hangover!

Chen Guangcheng, the Blind Chinese Dissident Chooses Washington’s Catholic University after NYU Controversial Departure (UPDATE)

Oct 03, 2013 AM EDT Amid speculations over his next probable assignment in the United States, the blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng has chosen Catholic University of America in Washington.

Southern Chinese University Making Students Sign Suicide and Injury 'Disclaimer'

Sep 18, 2013 AM EDT Colleges and Universities across the globe tend to offer counselling services within its campus for suicide prone students and extend care for their well being. However, a university in Southern China ...

White Teens Less Likely To Apply To University, Study

Jul 23, 2013 AM EDT White teenagers are less likely to pursue higher education when compared to students from other ethnic backgrounds in England, says a study conducted by the Universities and Colleges Admission ...

Two Chinese Students Killed In Plane Crash Were On Board to Attend a 15-Day Summer Camp In US

Jul 10, 2013 AM EDT The two 16-year-old Chinese students killed in the crash of Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 at San Francisco's international airport, Saturday, were on their way to America to enhance their English ...

Chinese Students Banned From Wearing ‘BRAS’ During University Entrance Exams

Jul 08, 2013 AM EDT Education chiefs in Jilin Province, north east China, have banned students from wearing 'Bras' in an attempt to prevent cheating during the country's university entrance exams, popularly known as ...

NGO Committed To Increase Percentage of American Students in China

Jan 25, 2013 AM EST ‘100, 000 Strong Foundation’ a non-governmental organisation, aims to have 100,000 American students studying in China by 2014.

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