Food Insecurity: The Hunger Problem In Campuses

Dec 07, 2016 AM EST Aside from the overwhelming cost of college tuition, students are also facing another issue that may prove to be detrimental to their health: food insecurity.

Hampshire College Raises American Flag Again

Dec 03, 2016 AM EST Hampshire College recently gained backlash after it banned the U.S. flag from flying in its campus.

Duke University Announces New President

Dec 03, 2016 AM EST Duke University has announced their tenth and latest president.

Ohio State U Suspect Identified And Reported Dead After Deadly Campus Attack

Nov 29, 2016 PM EST A student from the Ohio State University plowed a car into campus hitting people and stabbing others with a butcher knife on Monday morning.

California State University Aims To Protect Undocumented Students From Donald Trump

Nov 22, 2016 AM EST With the growing concern about the future of undocumented students across the nation, one school has spoken up with its plans to protect these students from Donald Trump's deportation threats.

Stanford Issues Statement On Campus Intolerance And Immigration

Nov 21, 2016 AM EST Stanford University has spoken up against increased reports on hostile and hateful acts against people from different backgrounds and beliefs.

How To Be An Active Bystander And Create A Safer Environment In Your Campus

Nov 19, 2016 AM EST Be an active bystander and save lives.

City University London Bans Major Publications In Its Campus

Nov 19, 2016 AM EST The City University London student union has filed a motion to ban the Daily Mail, among others, in its campus.

College Students, It's Good To Always Be The Designated Driver

Nov 14, 2016 AM EST As a designated driver, you not only save your life -- you save others' as well.

Hunter College Reaches Agreement With Education Department For Title IX Violations

Nov 02, 2016 PM EDT Hunter College has reached an agreement with the Education Department for its Title IX violations.

Harvard University Agrees To Pay Its Workers More After Three-Week Strike

Nov 02, 2016 PM EDT Harvard University dining hall workers have ended their strike.

US Schools Cancel Classes Due to Election-related Fears

Nov 02, 2016 AM EDT Schools are popular polling places all over the United States, but for fear of election-related troubles, some schools designated as polling centers will cancel their classes.

Athletes Do Not Need Harsh Comments To Get Amped: University Of California Campus Reform Imposed! [VIDEO]

Oct 27, 2016 PM EDT There is much to say- both good and bad. Now, the athlectics team in the University of California, Chico is very mindful of phrases "man up", "run like a girl" or any expressions that can potentially ...

Tufts University Campus Police To Investigate 'Offensive' Halloween Costumes

Oct 26, 2016 AM EDT Tufts University has issued a warning on offensive Halloween costumes.

DePaul University Bans 'Unborn Lives Matter' Posters In Campus

Oct 25, 2016 AM EDT DePaul University has been slammed for banning "Unborn Lives Matter" posters in campus.

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