Stanford Researchers Create New 3D Way Of Recording Bird Flight [Video]

Apr 11, 2017 AM EDT The method uses two overlapping patterns of light.

Spider Disguises as Bird Poop to Avoid Predatory Wasp Attacks, Study

Jun 02, 2014 AM EDT Orb-web spider Cyclosa Ginnaga camouflages itself as a splat of bird poop in order to avoid being captured by predatory wasps, according to a study by from Tunghai University and the Endemic Species ...

Mystery behind Origin of New Zealand’s Iconic Flightless Bird Kiwi Solved

May 23, 2014 AM EDT According to a DNA analysis, the tiny Kiwi's closest relative is an extinct Madagascan elephant bird and not the Australian emu - as was previously believed.

Crocodiles and Alligators Use Sticks as Bait to Lure Bird Prey, Study

Dec 04, 2013 AM EST Crocodiles and alligators apparently use small sticks to lure water birds and prey on them, according to a new University of Tennessee study.

‘Terror Bird’ Believed To Be a Top Predator was Actually Vegetarian, Study

Aug 30, 2013 AM EDT Gastornis, a huge ancient 'terror bird' that was believed to be one of earth's most cruel predators snapping necks of mammals with its massive beak, was actually a vegetarian, according to a new study ...

Kansas’ Doctoral Student Discovers New Bird Species in Central Peru

Jul 29, 2013 AM EDT Peter Hosner, a doctoral student of ecology and evolutionary biology at the Kansas University, has found a new bird species 'Junin Tapaculo' in the remote Andes Mountains of central Peru. The ...

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