Napoleonic General's Remains Found In Russia, DNA Test Confirms

Nov 08, 2019 AM EST French archaeologists officially confirmed that the one-legged skeleton found under a dance floor in western Russia belonged to Charles-Etienne Gudin, Napoleon's favorite general.

Archaeologists From Yale University Uncover Breakthrough Egyptian Hieroglyphics Discovery [VIDEO]

Jun 22, 2017 AM EDT Here is something we didn't know about Ancient Egyptians.

Archaeologists Discover 6,400 Year-Old Human Remains in Barcelona Cave

Nov 28, 2013 AM EST Archaeologists at the University of Barcelona have discovered four well-preserved skeletal remains nearly 6400 years old at the Can Sadurni cave in Begues. This is an extraordinary find because they ...

Boon Archaeologists Discover Mass Grave of Dismembered Skeletons in Mayan City

Sep 12, 2013 AM EDT Archaeologists from the University of Boon have uncovered a 1,400-year-old mass grave in a former water reservoir in the historical Mayan city of Uxul in Mexico.

Swiss Archaeologists Discover Ancient Human Settlement in Bolivian Amazon

Aug 29, 2013 AM EDT Swiss researchers have discovered nearly 10,000-year-old remnants of human settlements in Bolivia.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Medieval Bronze Ring Used As A Murder Weapon

Aug 26, 2013 AM EDT Bulgarian archaeologists have found a precious and unique piece of jewelry, more than 600 years old, which is believed to have been used by affluent males to execute political murders in order to gain ...

Mayan Sculpture Discovered in Guatemala Beneath a Buried Pyramid

Aug 08, 2013 AM EDT Archaeologists on Wednesday discovered a beautiful, huge, well-preserved stucco wall sculpture with its colors intact in Guatemala under a buried Mayan pyramid. The stucco frieze, measuring 30 feet ...

Archaeologists Discover World’s First Calendar in Scotland Field

Jul 17, 2013 AM EDT University of Birmingham researchers believe to have found the world's oldest 'calendar' during an excavation in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

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