Albert Einstein

What is a Polymath and Why Are They So Talented and Intellectually Versatile?

Nov 21, 2019 AM EST The concept of "Polymath" is a new topic of discussion. You need some form of formal acclaim to be a true Polymath. The polymath not only moves between different spheres of knowledge and disciplines. ...

Professor At UBC Says Time Travel Is Mathematically Possible [Video]

Apr 29, 2017 AM EDT The idea of time traveling is no longer science fiction.

Albert Einstein : A Flawed Human Life Of The Godly Physicist [Video]

Apr 17, 2017 PM EDT At the age of 36, he was at the peak of his love affairs.

Dark Matter May Not Exist At All According To Research

Apr 01, 2017 AM EDT Dark matter is the main component of the Universe. Well, that is what we know so far.

The Female Mathematician Who Inspired Einstein You May Never Have Heard Of

Jan 06, 2017 AM EST Emmy Noether's theorem is considered as one of the backbones of modern physics yet no one has heard of her.

Dark Matter: Does It Really Exist? Scientist Said ‘No’

Dec 13, 2016 AM EST Dark matter doest not exist, according to one scientist. His findings will have to be proven though since a lot of his fellow scientists remained unconvinced by his theory.

Massive Collisions & Catastrophes from distant Universes: LIGO records for the 2nd Time

Jun 16, 2016 AM EDT The twin "Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory" (LIGO) device of the "Massachusetts Institute of Technology" (MIT) notifies universities for a detected gravitational wave caused by the ...

Potassium-Rich Foods Lower Stroke and Death Risk In Postmenopausal Women, Study

Sep 05, 2014 AM EDT Consuming foods rich in potassium lowers stroke and early death risk in postmenopausal women, according to a study by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

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