Student Union Urges School To Remove White Philosophers From Curriculum

Jan 09, 2017 AM EST Students at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) want white philosophers to be removed from curriculum for diversity purposes.

Harvard Honors Oprah for Her Commitment to African American Culture

Oct 01, 2014 AM EDT Prominent television talk host Oprah Winfrey was one of the eight celebrities honoured at Harvard University for her outstanding accomplishments and contributions to African American culture on ...

Discrimination Affects Mental Health of African-Americans and Caribbean Blacks, Study

Sep 22, 2014 AM EDT African-Americans and Caribbean blacks, who are victims of discrimination, face heightened risk of developing mental disorders including anxiety, depression and substance abuse, according to a new ...

American Universities to Screen West African Students for Ebola Virus

Sep 02, 2014 AM EDT American Universities will subject West African students to severe health checks in an attempt to shield their campuses from the deadly Ebola virus.

Low Birth Weight Causes Diabetes among African-Americans, Study

Aug 22, 2014 AM EDT African-American women with low birth weights face heightened risk of developing type-2 diabetes, according to a study by the Boston University Medical Center.

Physical Activity Lowers Breast Cancer Risk among African-American Women, Study

Aug 14, 2014 AM EDT Regular physical activity lowers the risk of developing breast cancer among African-American women, according to a new study by researchers at the Boston University Medical Center.

Galesburg High School to Award Diploma to African-American after 55 Years

Aug 05, 2014 AM EDT Alva Earley, an African-American man, will receive his Galesburg High School diploma 55 years after it was wronglly denied to him.

African-American Women Avoid Physical Activity Due to Hairstyle Concerns, Study

Aug 01, 2014 AM EDT African American women avoid engaging in any form of physical activity as their hairstyle is affected by perspiration, according to a new study by the University of Colorado School of Medicine's ...

Researchers Develop “Super Banana” to Avert Blindness and Deaths Among African Children

Jun 17, 2014 AM EDT Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology have developed a "super" banana that contains elevated levels of vitamin A.

African Savannas Faces Threat Due to Loss of Wildlife, Study

May 10, 2014 AM EDT Loss of large animals leads to adverse consequences in African savannas, according to a University of California Davis and Bard College study.

African Songbird Mimics Alarm Calls to Steal Food, Study

May 07, 2014 AM EDT Drongos, an African bird, imitate other species’ alarm calls, to scare them away and steal their abandoned food, according to a University of Cape Town and University of Western Australia study.

Black Orderlies Racially Abused by an Anaesthesiologist and a surgical Technician at North Shore University Hospital

Jul 18, 2013 AM EDT Elijah Crawford and Ishmael Cox, two African-American attendants at North Shore University Hospital have filed a discrimination lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court, claiming that they were frequently ...

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