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Patrick Jones

The Success Story Behind Pet Accessory Brand Pink Papyrus

Jun 03, 2021 PM EDT Any loving dog owner cares deeply for their pets. From treats, to bedding, to grooming, they always want the best for their furry friends.

Mike Sherrard Creator of the Social Agent Academy Shares His Challenges

Jun 03, 2021 PM EDT Mike Sherrard is one of the top real estate entrepreneurs and most sought-after social media real estate expert in North America. In less than four years, Mike has beaten all odds to build a name for ...

Working while Studying. A Necessary Evil?

Jun 03, 2021 AM EDT In the United States, many students choose to work to supplement their education loans, scholarships, and grants.

Gillian Garcia: The Hair Stylist Promoting Healthy Hair

Jun 02, 2021 PM EDT Every person fancies having shiny, healthy, and strong hair, especially most women, as they want their hair to be their crowning glory. But the truth is that only a few have enviable hair.

Use Investment Apps: It Can Help You Win

May 26, 2021 PM EDT Investing is not easy for most people: it is intimidating. Fear of losing investments is also one of the main reasons people don't get started in Forex.

How to Stay Safe When Doing Critical Work

May 25, 2021 PM EDT Some jobs are inherently dangerous. No matter how careful you are, mistakes are bound to happen. There is a lot you can do to reduce the chances of disaster.

A Guide To Creating A Standout Linkedin Profile For HR Professionals

May 24, 2021 AM EDT Corporations and professional institutions worldwide constantly work to regulate their work environment and create a safe and innovative space for their employees. The working conditions are improved ...

Is a Bank a Safe Place for Your Emergency Fund?

May 17, 2021 PM EDT Banking is an essential part of someone’s finances. These institutions are where most people store the majority of all their wealth and cash assets.

Kevin Ko Shares What You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency and Rik

May 14, 2021 PM EDT Cryptocurrency has gained global recognition from investors in digital currencies from all corners of the world.

Dr. Jose Pizarro Explains How Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Fiber Tractography Are Used to Understand the Structure of the Brain

May 12, 2021 PM EDT Two of the most exciting recent advancements in neuroradiology are diffusion tensor imaging and fiber tractography.

Will Buyer Demand in University Cities Improve After COVID?

May 11, 2021 AM EDT Life seems to be on the way to recovery due to the vaccine; but, will buyer demand pick back up in university cities once the pandemic is over?

Nerf Gun Party Host is the Perfect Job for Part-Time Students

Apr 29, 2021 PM EDT As a student, you’re likely noticing it’s hard to find a part-time job that fits your schedule, especially if you’re in college full-time. One great job that offers a lot of fun and unique ...

Meet Chris Robinson, A World-famous Sneaker Collector

Apr 28, 2021 AM EDT Chris Robinson is a man that may not be well known to the general public at large. However, when he is mentioned to the sneaker community, you will no doubt discover that he is a world-famous ...

Juan Monteverde and Considerations Prior to a Career in Law

Apr 27, 2021 PM EDT A career in law can be an attractive prospect for many individuals. It can be intellectually stimulating and provide the opportunity to work on behalf of others. It can also expose you to a variety of ...

Useful Decoration Tips To Make Your Bedroom Stylish And Appealing

Apr 27, 2021 PM EDT Everyone wants to make their bedroom stylish. Besides sleeping, teenager’s bedrooms are also the places where they hang out and see their friends. Many people choose to carry out the renovation of ...

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