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Patrick Jones

How to Protect Students and Faculty From Phishing Scams

Jul 06, 2021 PM EDT In December 2020, it was reported that cyberattacks against universities and public school systems were on the rise following the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Online scammers have long targeted ...

A Brief Guide To Business Energy Contracts

Jul 02, 2021 PM EDT The suppliers of electricity and gas provide a range of different contract types. With there being so much choice, it is important that businesses are on the right type so that they can ensure that ...

How COVID-19 Influenced Gaming, According to FortuneZ

Jun 30, 2021 PM EDT FortuneZ is a global business publication offering in-depth and reliable information to its readers who are mainly investors and businessmen. The publication covers updates on different financial ...

6 Reasons Why UK Students Love Self Storage

Jun 29, 2021 PM EDT STORED is the storage outlet that most students in the UK choose as a self storage provider. But STORED is even better than self storage. Here is how!

Here's Why you Need to Outsource Your Company's R&D Processes to CROs

Jun 29, 2021 AM EDT Contract Research Organizations (CROs) exist to lift the weight of clinical research off the shoulders of the medical, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. And for many decades, the CRO industry ...

4 Ways College Students Can Make Money During the Summer

Jun 28, 2021 AM EDT The costs of attending college, once you add up tuition and fees, room and board, textbooks, technology, and other expenses are, without question, not insignificant to most students.

How To Achieve Your Dream Career Goals

Jun 25, 2021 AM EDT What are your dreams for your future? If you’ve been having a subtle or persistent feeling that you’d like to do more with your life, now is a good time to listen.

Christian Green Uses His E-Commerce Strategies To Make Digital Businesses Succeed

Jun 22, 2021 AM EDT When due to the pandemic, the whole world was locked in their homes and thinking about the pitiable situation of their future, Christian Green was looking to turn this adversity into an opportunity, ...

Selling Your Car is Now Convenient with My Car Auction

Jun 21, 2021 AM EDT In the United States, selling used cars can be a lengthy and hectic process. To sell your car, you have to drive it to the dealership to receive a quote. If you’re happy with the dealer’s offer, ...

Rhett Lindsey And Siimee On Eliminating Hiring Biases

Jun 21, 2021 AM EDT Rhett Lindsey has built a stellar career for himself as a recruitment specialist for many business conglomerates. With his natural ability to spot the right talents for the right positions, he has ...

Mapping the Human Reference Interactome to Develop a Better Understanding of Disease

Jun 20, 2021 AM EDT Between 1990 and 2003, the Human Genome Project provided a veritable map of all of the genes that make up the human genetic identity. This map, known as the genome, allows detailed insight into the ...

To Stay Healthy, IU Students Should Consider Remote Medicine

Jun 19, 2021 PM EDT It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way we approach health on a global scale.

Douglas James Explains Why A Sound Morning Routine Is Important To Succeed

Jun 14, 2021 PM EDT A marketing expert, an entrepreneur, and a business coach, Douglas James, popularly known as The High Ticket Guy is successful in every aspect of life.

Why Becoming A Medical Office Assistant May Be For You

Jun 14, 2021 PM EDT If you are interested in a career in healthcare, but don’t want to be a doctor or a nurse, becoming a medical office assistant may be the perfect alternative. You can obtain a position relatively ...

4 Interesting Careers to Consider With a Political Science Degree

Jun 04, 2021 PM EDT When you told friends and family that you were going to major in political science in college, many of them asked you “Oh, so you want to get into politics?” As you know quite well, there are a ...

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