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Jaleesa Baulkman

Bearded Men Are More Likely To Cheat And Steal

Oct 26, 2015 PM EDT There's a direct correlation between facial hair and fighting, cheating and stealing, according to a recent study.

More Than 50% Workers With Depression Do Not Seek Treatment

Oct 08, 2015 PM EDT New research suggests that more than half of workers with depression do not seek treatment.

Just 30 Minutes Of Exercise Relieves Asthma Symptoms

Oct 08, 2015 PM EDT Thirty minutes of exercise a day, year round, could help people with asthma control their symptoms, according to a recent study.

Google To Remove 'Revenge Porn' From Its Search Results

Jun 19, 2015 PM EDT Google announced that it will honor requests from people to remove nude or sexually explicit images shared without consent from their search results.

Anti-depressant Medication May Be Able to Fight Aggressive Brain Tumor

Aug 25, 2014 PM EDT Anti-depressant medication may be able to combat one of the most common brain cancers in children.

Drugs Used To Treat Lung Disease Work With Body Clock

Jul 28, 2014 PM EDT Medication used to treat asthma and pneumonia, can become ineffective, according to a recent study.

Stress Hormones May Promote Brain's Building of Negative Memories

Jul 24, 2014 PM EDT Stress hormones may promote brain's building of negative memories in women, according to a recent study.

Older people May Be More Likely To Have Their Memory Impaired By Environmental Distractions

Jul 21, 2014 AM EDT Older people are more likely to have their memory and cognitive processes impaired by environmental distractions, according to a recent study.

Common Gene Variants May Account For Most Genetic Risk For Autism

Jul 20, 2014 PM EDT Genes that are common in the population may account for most genetic risk for autism rather than rare variants or spontaneous glitches, according to a recent study.

Smokers Who Use Text Messaging Program May Be More Than Twice As Likely To Quit

Jun 19, 2014 PM EDT Smokers who participated in a simple text messaging program were more than twice as likely to quit smoking, according to a recent study reported by Reuters.

World Cup 2014: Uruguay vs Costa Rica LIVE STREAM: Group D's Underdog Faces Three Former World Champions

Jun 14, 2014 PM EDT Uruguay and Costa Rica are set to play on Saturday, competing for one of the two spots atop Group D.

Female Hormones May Be Contributing To High Levels Of Male Obesity

Jun 14, 2014 AM EDT An imbalance of female sex hormones among men in Western nations may be playing a key role in obesity epidemic, according to a recent study.

Obamacare: CSU Campaign Sees Gains In Students With Health Insurance

Jun 13, 2014 PM EDT California State University System's campaign to encourage students to get health insurance has made significant gains, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Weight-Loss Surgery May Lower Cancer Risk In Obese Individuals

Jun 13, 2014 PM EDT Weight loss surgery may do more than help morbidly obese people shed extra pounds; it may also lower their chances of a cancer diagnosis, according to a recent study HealthDay News reported.

World Cup 2014: Spain vs Netherlands Live Stream: A Rematch Of The 2010 Soccer Final

Jun 13, 2014 PM EDT Spain and Netherlands will renew their rivalries on the second day of the 2014 FIFA World Cup competition.

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