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Binge Drinking May Disrupt Immune System in Young Adults

Dec 29, 2014 PM EST New research suggests that binge drinking disrupts the immune system of young, healthy adults.

Niagara University Deepens Partnership With Foreign Trade University

Dec 29, 2014 PM EST Niagara University is hoping to deepen its partnership with Foreign Trade University, school officials announced.

Sugar Molecule Links Red Meat Consumption to Elevated Cancer Risk

Dec 29, 2014 PM EST New research suggests that a sugar molecule in red meat promotes inflammation and cancer progression.

Penn State to Offer Bachelor's Degree in Biology

Dec 29, 2014 PM EST Penn State Schuylkill will offer a bachelor of science degree in biology starting summer 2015, school officials announced.

Text Reminders May Improve Flu Vaccination Rates

Dec 29, 2014 PM EST Text message reminders may improve vaccination rates among young children, according to a recent study.

European Fire Ants Help Alien Plants Spread, Impacts Forest Ecosystems

Dec 29, 2014 AM EST An invasive ant species that has become increasingly abundant in eastern North America not only takes over yards and delivers a nasty sting, it's helping the spread of an invasive plant species, ...

Alcohol Use, Insomnia May Raise Suicide Risk

Dec 28, 2014 PM EST Insomnia symptoms mediate the relationship between alcohol use and suicide risk, and that this mediation is moderated by gender, according to a recent study.

Important Memory Function May Be Affected By Preterm Birth

Dec 28, 2014 PM EST Children born prematurely show differences in a subtle but important aspect of memory: the ability to form and retrieve memories about context, such as what, when, and where something happened, ...

New Concussion Laws Lead to Big Jump in Treatment

Dec 28, 2014 PM EST A recent study suggests that new laws regulating concussion treatment, bolstered by heightened public awareness, have resulted in a large increase in the treatment of concussion-related injuries for ...

New Study Sheds Light On How Mosquitoes Transmit Malaria

Dec 28, 2014 AM EST An international research team is providing new insight into how mosquitoes transmit malaria.

Drexel University to End Partnerships With Community Colleges

Dec 27, 2014 PM EST Drexel University is ending its partnership with Burlington County College (BCC) and other two-year institutions in which students were allowed to earn four-year degrees at discounted tuition rates on ...

HIV May Decrease Hearing Ability

Dec 27, 2014 AM EST Adults with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have poorer hearing than those without the HIV infection, according to a recent study.

Fast Food Linked to Slower Academic Growth in Kids

Dec 26, 2014 PM EST The amount of fast food children eat may affect how well they perform on academic tests , according to a recent study.

Stress May Increase Desire for Reward but Not Pleasure

Dec 26, 2014 AM EST New research suggests that feeling stressed may prompt you to go to great lengths to satisfy an urge for a drink or sweets, but you're not likely to enjoy the indulgence any more than someone who is ...

Weight Training May Be Key to Controlling Belly Fat

Dec 26, 2014 AM EST New research suggests that weight training may be more effective at controlling stubborn belly fat than aerobic exercise.

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