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Melvin Brewing Shares 8 Companies That Value Higher Education

Jan 15, 2021 PM EST Colleges and universities are an important part of today's world. They can teach students and help them become effective employees in the current work environment. However, these establishments can ...

How to Stay Connected to Your Family When Traveling for College

Jan 13, 2021 PM EST Traveling for your education is an incredible experience. It's an opportunity to discover some important things about yourself, while simultaneously exploring new places and cultures.

SnatchApp, Zoom and Signal Skyrocket as Users Dump Whatsapp

Jan 13, 2021 AM EST Whatsapp users are struggling to accept the new change Whatsapp made to its terms of service agreement which gives users no option but to share their personal information with Facebook or stop using ...

How to Stay Positive: A Guide for Students

Jan 12, 2021 AM EST Going off to college is a big deal, especially for a young adult who's recently graduated highschool. On one hand, you're leaving home for the first time and are, by all accounts, an adult. However, ...

What Are the Implications of the College Football Playoff Right Now?

Jan 06, 2021 AM EST Many people are surprised that the college football season has made it as far as it has. In some circles, many people were actually picking the virus to win the college football season this year.

The Complete History of Tacos

Jan 04, 2021 PM EST Everybody's favorite food -Tacos.

5 Ways to Crush Your Facebook Likes

Dec 30, 2020 PM EST Acquiring Facebook likes isn't simple. You have to compete for them because there're millions of users or brands posting the same content as you. To stand out from the crowd, you've to bring something ...

The Rise in Cyberattacks on Universities and Public School Systems

Dec 28, 2020 PM EST Educational Institutions have always prioritized safeguarding intellectual property, financial accounts, student records, and employee information acquired and stored with technologies like computing ...

How College Students Can Stay Mentally Healthy During the Pandemic

Dec 28, 2020 PM EST The Covid-19 pandemic has been tough on everyone. Obviously, the people who have suffered the most are the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, who are most vulnerable to the virus. They ...

DIY Repair: Appliance Essentials for Every College Dorm Room

Dec 28, 2020 PM EST It's that time of year when you see school buses lining the streets and college kids heading back to their dorms. Don't leave for those first days of a new year without some appliance essentials.

College Students: Tips for Dealing with Depression in College

Dec 28, 2020 PM EST College depression is a widespread problem. Whether it's caused by being away from home for the first time or trying to fit into a new environment, it's a very real problem that needs to be dealt ...

Four Tools for SEO You Don't Want to Miss

Dec 28, 2020 PM EST Software makes a marketer's life ten times easier, and for the average person, mastering SEO can feel like a full-time job. Whether you're a novice or pro, SEO software is the best way to build your ...

How Can I Make it Through Law School?

Dec 28, 2020 PM EST Take a look at a few of the helpful tips below and make sure that you are set up for success on the first day of law school.

Reasons Why It's Important to Pay Taxes

Dec 28, 2020 AM EST For many people, taxes aren't something they need to worry about because it automatically gets taken off their pay

Winter Home Maintenance Tips on a Budget

Dec 28, 2020 AM EST The winter is a time of exams, seasonal depression, and gift expenses. Nobody wants to add the costs and stress of your home-related issues.

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