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David Thompson

Identifying Cybersecurity Threats to Prevent Identity Theft

Mar 07, 2022 PM EST In 2019, there were 1,473 data breaches. While the number doesn’t seem to be significant, it reflects a 17% increase of identity thefts since 2018.

Helen Mohsenzadeh Explains the Gaps in What Healthcare Students Are Learning in College

Mar 04, 2022 PM EST Healthcare is an incredibly complex industry. From the needs of patients to the competing priorities of many healthcare organizations, there are many opportunities to learn.

How To Cope With Financial Stress: Tips That Will Help You

Feb 28, 2022 PM EST It would be best to find ways to alleviate your financial stress and move toward a financially stable lifestyle. Once you do, you will be on your way to a more stress-free and happier you.

The Pros And Cons Of Financing Your Mattress: Everything You Need To Know

Feb 28, 2022 PM EST A quick Google search for the possibility of financing a mattress produces conflicting results. Some websites claim it is the sole option; however, others caution that the idea of financing a mattress ...

How Education Impacted serial entrepreneur Tal Dilian's Life

Feb 22, 2022 PM EST Since Tal Dilian's upbringing, through his education and achievements in intelligence, cyber and tech, he never forgot the role education played in his success.

4 Ways Can You Use Recruitment Marketing To Attract Recent College Grads

Feb 22, 2022 PM EST Recruitment marketing is a practice centered around using analytics to maximize recruitment and retention using strategies marketing, branding, and artificial intelligence to build your brand in the ...

Ill-Advised Mistakes People Make When Exiting Jobs

Feb 22, 2022 AM EST Regardless of how much you dislike your current job, departing in an overblown and/or self-satisfied manner is unlikely to serve you well long-term. So, if you'll soon be parting ways with your ...

This is How You Improve Your Customer Service Standards

Feb 22, 2022 AM EST Happy and satisfied customers spread positive things about your company and help you to bring in more customers. Most of the customers value experience more than the product or service.

3 Tips for Attracting Better Employees and Keeping them

Feb 21, 2022 PM EST Finding great employees and retaining them has always been a challenge for employers, but things are getting even harder these days. Demographic pressure is giving more power to the employees and ...

5 Reasons Healthcare Students and Healthcare Workers Should Aim to Become a Physician

Feb 21, 2022 AM EST Whether you’re working your way through medical school, or are seeking a potential job change within the medical field you’re already navigating, one position should be at the top of your list: ...

How to Prepare Your Children for College While They're Still in High School

Feb 18, 2022 PM EST College is nothing like high school, so you want your children to start off on the right foot. Here's how you can prepare your children for college while they're still in high school.

How to Exchange Bitcoins in Cash

Feb 16, 2022 PM EST If you have some bitcoin and want to transfer it into your bank account, you can easily do it, but before doing so, you should first think twice about why you convert bitcoin into a dollar or any ...

5 Things a Good Expat VPN Should Offer

Feb 15, 2022 PM EST Here’s a quick look at five must-have features any good expat VPN should have. We also mention a few optional VPN features that are nice to have around.

Key Ways College Students Can Support Local Veterans

Feb 14, 2022 PM EST For most US veterans (of which there’s currently 23 million in total), the transition to civilian life is either very or somewhat easy, while around one-in-four report it being at least somewhat ...

Introducing TNTROYAL Launch: A Sophisticating Trading Platform

Feb 07, 2022 PM EST Dated 17th of January, 2022, was the launch of one of the most sophisticated platforms for trading digital assets with advanced features that enable new and veteran traders to make informed trading ...

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