SJSU Expels Three Students in Hate Crime against Black Freshman (UPDATE)


San Jose State University has expelled three students Friday, involved in racial discrimination against a 17-year-old black freshman.

The officials have prolonged the suspension of a fourth student. He will be placed on permanent probation for the rest of his college education if he returns to school. The student has also been asked to undergo at least five counseling sessions.

All the four students, who are white, have pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor battery and hate crime charges. They are accused of fastening a U-shape bicycle lock around the neck of Donald Williams Jr., barricading him in his room, wrestling him to the ground, threatening him with a golf club, displaying Nazi imagery and Confederate flag in their dormitory and using racial slurs like "three-fifths" or "fraction."

The news sparked outrage across the nation and called on the law enforcement officials to press charges against the offenders.

At the time of the revelation, Mohammad Qayoumi, the 60-year-old president of the university accepted responsibility for failing to protect the freshman against racial discrimination from four white students, mid-August to October. At least three of the suspects are believed to be his roommates.

The outcome of an internal investigation found the suspects violated six university rules including endangering Williams' safety. As a result of the expulsion orders, the suspects including Logan Beaschler and Colin Warren, both 19, are banned from attending any California State University college.

Saddened by the decision, a lawyer for the third expelled student said that the university failed to thoroughly examine the evidence.

"We were very disappointed with the school's process," said lawyer Eric Geffon, who represents a student who was under age 18 and is being prosecuted as a juvenile. "It was clear early on they had already made up their mind," Mercury News reports.

Joseph Bomgardner, a 19-year-old-student who suspension was extended until July 31, did not admit to taking part in the hate crime. Apart from the counseling sessions, Bomgardner has also been asked to attend a follow-up meeting with school officials in July.

African-American leaders praised the university for the action taken against the perpetrators.

"It's a no-brainer," said LaDoris Cordell, a retired judge and city police watchdog. "They have no business being enrolled at SJSU," Goerie reports.

In March, Williams filed a $5 million claim against the university.

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