ULaw and BUiD Collaborate to Establish Joint Centre for Legal Education and Research in Dubai


In a significant development in the field of legal education, the University of Law (ULaw) has entered into a strategic partnership with the British University in Dubai (BUiD). This collaboration, aimed at advancing legal education and research, marks a pivotal moment for both institutions and the broader legal community in the UAE.

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Establishment of the Joint Centre for Legal Education and Research

Central to this partnership is the establishment of a joint Centre for Legal Education and Research, situated at BUiD's campus in Dubai. Scheduled to commence operations in autumn 2024, the Centre is envisioned as a hub of academic excellence, catering to the educational and professional needs of aspiring legal professionals in the region.

The Centre's mandate encompasses a diverse array of initiatives designed to enhance legal education, professional training, and applied research. It will serve as a focal point for collaborative endeavors between ULaw and BUiD, leveraging their respective strengths to drive innovation and excellence in the legal domain.

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Addressing the Evolving Needs of the Legal Sector

One of the primary objectives of the Centre is to address the evolving needs of the legal sector in the UAE and the wider MENA region. Recognizing the rapid growth and transformation of the legal landscape, particularly in dynamic business hubs like Dubai, the Centre aims to equip legal professionals with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to navigate complex legal challenges effectively.

To achieve this goal, the Centre will offer a range of professional programs and initiatives tailored to meet the diverse needs of legal practitioners. These offerings will include specialized training courses, preparatory programs for professional qualifications such as the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE), and opportunities for continuous professional development.

Promoting Academic Collaboration and Innovation

At the heart of the partnership between ULaw and BUiD lies a commitment to fostering academic collaboration and innovation. Through joint academic programs and research initiatives, the Centre seeks to promote interdisciplinary exchange and advance the frontiers of legal scholarship in areas of mutual interest.

One of the key initiatives of the Centre is the integration of Common Law principles into BUiD's undergraduate Law program. This innovative approach not only enriches the academic curriculum but also provides students with a broader understanding of legal systems and perspectives, preparing them for diverse career pathways in the legal profession.

Moreover, the Centre will serve as a catalyst for applied legal research, addressing pressing legal issues and challenges facing the region. By harnessing the collective expertise of faculty members from ULaw and BUiD, the Centre aims to generate insights and solutions that contribute to the development of best practices and policy recommendations in key areas of law.

The strategic partnership between The University of Law and the British University in Dubai represents a milestone in the advancement of legal education and research in the UAE. Through the establishment of the joint Centre for Legal Education and Research, the two institutions are poised to make significant contributions to the development of the legal profession and the broader community.

As the Centre prepares to commence its operations, it holds the promise of fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration in the legal domain. By providing unparalleled educational opportunities and promoting research-driven solutions to real-world challenges, the Centre seeks to empower the next generation of legal professionals and shape the future of the legal profession in the region.

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