The Perks of a Legal Education: Exploring the Numerous Career Paths Available to Law School Graduates with The Property Advocates


The Perks of a Legal Education: Exploring the Numerous Career Paths Available to Law School Graduates with The Property Advocates

Photo : The Perks of a Legal Education: Exploring the Numerous Career Paths Available to Law School Graduates with The Property Advocates

Legal education is the gift that keeps on giving, even beyond the ability to practice law after graduating and passing the bar exam. The skills and knowledge that students gain during law school overlap with other industries, making legal education a wise career-boosting choice. In this article, insurance law firm The Property Advocates highlights five career paths available to graduate students who complete law school.

1. Judicial Clerkship

For graduates interested in working alongside and assisting a judge, a judicial clerkship might be a great place to start a career after law school. A judicial clerk is essentially a judge's full-time assistant and can work at the state or federal level. The job entails tasks such as researching and drafting memoranda and opinions for the judges being assisted. This prestigious position is typically short-term in nature, which is why many law graduates serve as judicial clerks for one or two years before considering other legal career paths. 

2. Public Interest

Law students who are fired up by helping others in need should consider a career of public interest. Public interest lawyers' primary purpose is to aid underrepresented people or causes, and often work for legal-aid societies. As private, non-profit agencies, legal-aid societies seek to assist people experiencing economic disadvantage. Law school graduates interested in public interest can also work at a public interest law firm. This type of law firm is an association of lawyers set up as private and for-profit, similar to the average private law firm. However, public interest law firms' operations differ from other private law firms due to embracing more of a social enterprise mindset, making serving underrepresented people, or causes, the firm's primary mission over making money. 

3. Law Firm Administration

Deemed a non-legal career choice, law firm administration is an excellent job fit for law graduates who are searching for non-practice-related job opportunities. Larger law firms usually are where a variety of law firm administration positions can be found, from business development to attorney recruitment, human resources, managing law firm finances or office work processes, and more. Students with educational backgrounds in accounting, human resources, or business possess valuable prior knowledge that will benefit a law firm administration role. 

4. Legal Publishing and Journalism

A career option that caters to law graduates with interests and backgrounds in journalism or publishing is working in legal publishing and journalism. Multiple channels, networks, and printed media chiefly target legal news, allowing space for law graduates to exercise both their legal knowledge and personal intrigue in the sector. 

5. Business

An in-house attorney is another career avenue where law and business collide. The name "in-house" comes from this kind of attorney working specifically within a corporation, offering corporate counsel and advisory over any legal activity tied to the business. Corporations of all sizes hire and host in-house attorneys; big companies commonly have large legal teams or departments. The career path of an in-house attorney also offers the chance to specialize in certain distinct issues as companies also look for specific expert knowledge to bring on board their teams. 

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