Utah Students Caught Smoking Marijuana in Hidden Igloo


The University of Utah campus police have caught four students for smoking pot in a hidden snow igloo.

Sgt. Garth Smith said that the students either built or spotted the abandoned igloo in a wooded area near Red Butte Creek area between resident housing and Research Park. The makeshift igloo was spacious enough to hold four men.

Smith said that the students elaborately modified the igloo to suit their convenience. They placed a cardboard door and a stick acting as a hinge, CNN reports.

"What they found was an igloo about 5-feet tall, 10-foot diameter," Smith said. "It had an entrance to it that had a cardboard door, they said it was about 10-inches thick, the igloo itself," Fox 13 News reports.              "We don't even know if they built it, they were just occupying it. So we don't know who built it, but they were inside of it."

A campus security guard discovered the camouflaged igloo January 31 when he was patrolling the area. The officer heard noises and smelled a strong odor of marijuana. Upon close inspection, he discovered the four students inside allegedly smoking marijuana.

Police said that one of the four students was caught with a backpack allegedly containing marijuana and paraphernalia.

None of the four students were arrested. All the students have been handed over to university's Student Behavior Committee to determine suitable punishment for smoking weed on campus. Students might face expulsion or tough disciplinary actions.

The igloo has been destroyed by police officers with sledgehammers.

Smith said that this is the first incident in 14 years as a university police officer.

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