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Side hustles are supplementary incomes to what you already earn. Most students in college and university have a part-time job or internship they are committed to. However, having this part-time or internship opportunity leaves little scope for making much money. When expenses are on the constant rise and substantial student loans, having a supplementary income is a necessity for nearly all students. However, the question at large remains. How can students make more money when on a strict academic schedule? The answer is simple - side hustles. 

Side hustles are broadly considered activities that make money on the side. Some people also call them side gigs. This nomenclature is quite popular with international students who come to the US on an M1 study visa. Most international students who are part of vocational courses prefer having a side income or side hustle to cover the cost of tuition and a chunk of the living expenses. Since most of these students study in foreign universities with the help of a US immigration lawyer, they are pretty well versed in understanding the financial implications of their tuition and loans in the US. Considering all the interest rates and huge moratoriums, having a way to reduce student debt is a brilliant strategy that most prefer. 

Let us look at a few side hustles that won't take too much time away from your academics and yet make you some money on the side to live comfortably. 

Stock Photos:

If you enjoy clicking pictures on your smartphone, there's a high chance you might have tonnes of photos left over with nowhere to go. Most businesses need photographs to connect with their clients and audiences and tend to purchase stock pictures from websites for a fee. 

You can jump on this bandwagon by making a few edits to some good photos and uploading them on the stock photo sites. Since these pictures can be anything from tables, chairs, beaches, mountains, ice cream, trucks, restrooms, and bars, to glasses, book covers, and the moon, you can upload random good-quality pictures and make money. You will get a commission from each sale as people purchase your photographs. The best part? You will get paid for the same picture multiple times since it is your intellectual property. 

Part-time Photography:

If you have a ready portfolio and have previously covered weddings, your cousin's bar mitzvah, or any other type of function, you can use these pictures to create a name for yourself. Part-timing as a photographer (especially on the weekends) can help you make a killing doing what you love. 

Advertise your photography services on websites, through word of mouth, and on your social media to get people interested in your skills. As you get approached for your weekend dates, you can also cover functions, house warmings, parties, and other occasions on your days off and during holidays. 

Tour Guide:

If you are a history buff studying in a historic city, you can collaborate with local tours and travel agencies to become a tour guide. Brush up on the local history, ensure you have a few interesting tidbits to share with tourists and start a side hustle without worrying about start-up capital or expensive equipment. 

While brushing up your skills, ensure you are adept with local eateries, nightlife options, bars, pubs, and of course, the local ghost stories! If you're unsure about the local history and may not find time, you can contact your college or university career cell about becoming a student welcome guide for incoming students. There are multiple ways you can become a tour guide while studying. 

Start an Etsy-style business:

If you have a saleable skill in a product, you could create several pieces and start selling them online. Many home artisans prefer using online platforms like Etsy, but many also like hosting products on their own websites. If you don't have a skill that can make products, you could design virtual artwork that can be printed on T-shirts, mugs, and as wall posters for a fee. 

Remember, cute things tend to sell quicker, so pictures of baby cows, kittens, little hearts, comic characters, and more tend to sell faster and in greater volume, if the price point is low. You will be surprised at the quick sales for cute stuff online. Next thing you know, your college professor might be sporting a shirt or a jumper with your cow print on it. How fantastic would that be?

There are many other ways to make money in a side hustle. However, to start with, you should try your hand at these ideas and see how you would like to expand in the future. 

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