How Is Microbiome Research Helping People In Understanding Microorganisms?

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Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Photo : National Cancer Institute on Unsplash


The world of science is something not most people day attention to. They prioritize keeping up with the latest trends and thinking about what is happening worldwide. But as time is slowly changing, scientists and researchers have become more vocal about their findings and their inventions rather than keeping them to themselves and later showing them to the world. 

One of the same significant research taking place today is the microbiome research that has helped many humans understand the life of microorganisms. How they live and where they are used. 

You might have seen the word microbiome research popping up on your screens whenever you use the Internet. Here I will make you understand the world of science and how these small things play a part in it. 

Origin of microbiome                 

  • A human body exists on its own, but the naked eye can only see things that are shown to it. So many microorganisms live in our bodies that we don't even know and understand. 

  • When microorganisms live in a large quantity in a specific habitat at one time, that phenomenon is called the microbiome. 

  • These are usually found on the skin, gut, and lungs. Can you imagine trillions of them living in one place at a time? 

  • Microorganisms are further classified into millions of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and a collection of viruses. These work collectively to help our body produce sources of carbon and nitrogen that are further used to sustain the needs of bacteria, like biomass and energy.  

Steps in testing the microbiome:      

Several steps are followed to complete the whole research. These play a vital role in the whole process because gut microbiome research is a clinical study that has to be controlled safely. Here are some steps that will make you better understand the process of this research: 

  • Animal testing: All around the world, there is a lot of information about animal testing, which is why experts need to make sure that the gut testing that they are about to perform on the animals is done in a protected and secure environment so that no harm is caused to anyone and the procedure is performed safety. Proper regulations are followed to ensure that each animal is tested according to the same standards. 

  • Anaerobic method: The origin of the microbiome is usually from the anaerobic gut. These metabolic processes are taken place in the absence of oxygen which is why there are special chambers that are designed to conduct these tests. These chambers are called anaerobic chambers. 

  • Human testing: The testing on human beings was not something usual until 2011. New research is not performed on human beings because there is a fear of things going wrong. The scientific community is still working on safer ways to conduct these experiments on human beings. While they are slowly advancing, the probability of testing them on humans is still less. 

Microbiome research is essential for obtaining significant results that will help the scientific world in the future. These minds work collectively to ensure human beings' safety and discover the body's working.

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