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Staying active in a pleasurable way can sometimes be difficult. Joining a local gym or playing sports are great options to stay active but for some, it isn't very enjoyable or eventually loses its excitement. Fortunately, there are other ways to remain active while also enjoying your time outside. One of the best ways to get moving  and explore your local community - as well as the great outdoors - is to hop on a Ride1Up eBike and go for a ride.

Ebikes are a perfect way to get your body moving without overexerting yourself, if you choose not to. They also help save on gas, and they make bike riding fun - delivering the right level of exercise while also giving you the ability to speed down the road with the breeze in your face.

Challenge Yourself

One of the key benefits of a Ride1Up eBike is the ability to switch between manual riding and motorized-assisted transportation with the press of a button. Whether you are commuting to work or taking a long, leisurely ride around your city, you can challenge yourself by riding manually for longer distances before engaging the motor. 

This type of training will help you increase your strength and endurance. By riding longer distances as well, you give yourself the opportunity to experience your town or city in new ways.

Take a Tour

While a Ride1Up eBike is an excellent choice for daily commuting, many riders also use their bike for touring local and national parks. Each one of the Ride1Up models is designed with motors that make long rides easy and enjoyable.

Riding your bike through the park can give you an entirely new experience while allowing you to exercise and enjoy the fresh outdoor air. And because the Ride1Up motor is strong enough for even steep hill climbs, you have access to cover more area than you normally would. Just be sure to follow local riding laws and regulations. .

For the more adventurous, some eBike tour companies offer all-inclusive vacation packages. You can rent an eBike and travel through the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone, or ride around Costa Rica to see volcanoes and rainforests. There are some really great and friendly eBike tour companies out there just waiting to provide you with amazing and memorable times, so add them to your list of possible excursions.

Reimagine Your Commute

Working in an office setting can lead to a sedentary lifestyle - but you can add exercise into your daily routine by changing your commute. Instead of driving your car to work, jump on your Ride1Up eBike for a more exhilarating ride. 

Riding to work has many physical and mental health benefits, and using an eBike allows you to dictate your speed and effort. If you are running behind or don't want to work up a heavy sweat before going to work, engage the motor and ride in style.

After the work day is over, switch to manual riding and add an extra workout to the end of your day. It is a great way to relieve stress, improve fitness, and increase your health and wellness. In addition, you save on fuel costs while reducing your carbon emissions. 

About Ride1Up eBikes

Ride1Up is 100% dedicated to delivering the highest quality at the best possible price. Their experience in the industry has allowed them to assemble the most efficient supply chains, apply costs to where they are best spent and build long-lasting ebikes. Ride1Up delivers value and assists customers for the lifetime of their bikes. Find out more about the ebike that is right for you, head over to Ride1Up, or call them at (888)494-1415 today!

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