Dr. Markey W. Pierre Leading the Way for Women of Color in Academia

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Dr. Markey W. Pierre

Photo : Dr. Markey W. Pierre

When it comes to business and leadership in academia in the United States, high level positions have been historically held white men. This can make it hard for women and minorities to get ahead, which is why Dr. Markey W. Pierre's recent successes are especially important to women of color in academia and beyond. Her philosophy of inclusion has led to the passage of ground-breaking legislation that will benefit the diversity and equality of those around her and across America as a whole. Here's how Dr. Markey W. Pierre has been making an impact through inclusive leadership in business!

Introducing Dr. Markey W. Pierre

Markey W. Pierre has been a successful business owner, executive, author, motivational speaker, lobbyist, and adjunct professor during her many years in education. As a result of her inclusive leadership style, she has succeeded in passing ground-breaking legislation that will benefit millions of Americans, including women and minorities who are struggling to make ends meet.  Currently, she is the vice chancellor for external affairs and chief of staff for the LSU Health Sciences Center, and she champions education efforts. As a leader in academic medicine, she states while she could see the forest from the outside before entering the institution, from within she has identified the division and can identify the trees.

"not everything that we face can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced" is a quote attributed to James Baldwin. Institutions have created cultures that have endured for a long time. The only way to solve this complicated dilemma of structures and habits is to create better structures that encourage better habits.

Breaking barriers

Dr. Markey W. Pierre is breaking barriers as a woman of color in academia, one course at a time! In a higher education system that is dominated by white men, Dr. Markey W. Pierre leads the way for women of color and those from low-income backgrounds. She has spent her life combating inequality on both the personal and institutional levels. As a former lobbyist, she always worked in environments where she was the only African American woman, the advice she offers in her blog posts and articles can be really helpful to women struggling in a male-dominated environment. Over the years, Dr. Pierre has learned strategies to help women do their best and stay motivated.

Where does she want to see her in the future? 

The goal of her 5-year vision is to be a company leader in diversity and inclusion, as well as an example of how to overcome racial and gender bias obstacles. As such, she wishes to be known as a wise counselor who supports women worldwide. Dr. Pierre wants to help people see that there are so many different paths that can lead them to success and that there are no wrong paths. She believes it is important for women to know their worth and not accept less than what they deserve because of their gender or race.

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