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For students heading to college, the  experience is a pivotal time in their lives. It's an opportunity to explore ideas, to make friends, to join clubs or  sports teams, and to immerse themselves in a totally new community.  In a nutshell, college is a life milestone that cannot be compared to any other. College students  create lasting memories,  discover passions, and grow up to become the person who they've aspired to be. Traditionally, many of these valuable life moments would be captured in a yearbook or as a keepsake in a photo album to keep the good old memories alive for years. .

In the digital age, college and university students are searching for new ways to connect and stay in touch. Although social media platforms allow large groups of people to join and participate, there has not been a platform made exclusively for college communities, that's both -- a safe and convenient place  to share images, connect with other students, and foster a strong sense of community belonging on their college campus.

With FreezeCrowd, the solution has arrived.  Founded by Eric Leebow, FreezeCrowd is a social platform made specifically for college students and alumni. Signing up is easy and secure, with users entering their university email address to gain access to the FreezeCrowd community. From there, they can post pictures, find others within the community , and engage in photo text-based conversations. It is an easy way to enhance the college experience, both during and after college. 

As Eric Leebow explains, FreezeCrowd delivers several very important benefits to college students. The first is that it gives them a way to connect with others on a humane platform. For many students, going away to college can be an exciting, yet stressful time. FreezeCrowd can reduce the stress and anxiety of meeting new people by allowing students to join as soon as they have their university email address. Students can reach out and form new friend connections to "break the ice" before arriving on campus.   

For student athletes and those who participate in clubs and campus events, FreezeCrowd is the perfect way to capture those important team moments and share them with others. Students can post pictures, "freeze tag" other students, and comment directly on the bubble comments within photos,  which  generates a lively discussion forum to strengthen the community, and preserve positive memories.

Eric Leebow   envisions FreezeCrowd as  the go to  social media platform for university students, alleviating some of the loneliness that college students can feel when they are facing the stress of classes, exams, and maintaining a social life on campus. FreezeCrowd helps students know that they are not alone, empowering them to reach out and connect with other students based on common interests. . As it continues to grow in universities across the United States, Leebow believes that it will usher in a new paradigm shift, a more welcoming environment for college communities,  one that combines the ease and convenience of a digital platform while keeping  students inspired to connect and meet on campus as well.

"FreezeCrowd provides a differentiated platform, a way to break the ice that will bring joy into people's lives," Leebow says. "With photos, you can now bring people together and appreciate the people that you have shared these important moments with."

The college years are an important time in life , and for many, they pass by so quickly,  before they realize it, students reach graduation day. FreezeCrowd allows them a unique  platform to capture the college experience as it is being lived, creating an opportunity for students to enjoy, enhance, and "freeze" their memories. In doing so, FreezeCrowd is poised to become the leading social platform for college and university students.

To learn more about FreezeCrowd and sign up for free, visit today!

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