Film Executive Adam Leipzig Offers a New Way to Advance Careers in the Entertainment Industry with MediaU

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Adam Leipzig

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There is no question that virtual options for education are rapidly gaining popularity. Students are now adjusting to a world in which COVID-19 exists while still trying to find ways to make their education more flexible to work around their existing schedule. Additionally, educational costs have continuously increased as many students' ability to pay has not. New, innovative opportunities are needed to meet these demands.

This is something Adam Leipzig understands. Leipzig has previously served as President of National Geographic Films and as a senior executive at Walt Disney Studios. He has been involved in the creation of thirty-five films, including Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Dead Poets Society, and March of the Penguins, all while racking up an impressive list of awards and nominations. With years of experience under his belt, Leipzig is no stranger to the entertainment industry.

Leipzig is also familiar with the world of academia. He is a faculty member at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, where he is part of the Executive Education and MBA programs. Several years ago, Leipzig was approached by Macmillan and asked to write a filmmaking textbook. He chose to prepare for the task by teaching film students and gaining hands-on experience in the classroom. He was startled by what he learned. Leipzig shared with CEO Weekly, "I was shocked to realize that students can spend $250,000, four years of their lives, and not be able to be hired or get jobs in the industry."

After seeing this problem firsthand, Leipzig sought to remedy it. This is what led him to create MediaU to accelerate filmmaking careers. MediaU offers multiple courses that students can take online to further their practical skills in the entertainment industry. The program is significantly less expensive than many degree paths at four-year universities and gives students the flexibility they need. 

MediaU has a team of forty-five entertainment industry experts who have plenty of professional experience to help students achieve their goals. Courses are offered on topics such as financing, producing, and SAG-AFTRA. Prospective learners can take a quiz on MediaU's website to help them determine what path is the most relevant for them. Signing up gives one access to networking events, an online community, feedback from industry experts, and access to new course updates for a year after initial payment. A scholarship program is in place for those interested in MediaU courses who may struggle with payment.

With MediaU, Leipzig has created a unique platform for motivated people looking to learn more about the entertainment industry or those who are already a part of the industry that would like to advance their careers. Learning about how to break into filmmaking has never been so accessible. Leipzig hopes this will be a discovery many students can make. In his conversation with CEO Weekly, he stated, "Our objective is to train and mentor the next million media-makers, and then the next million after that."

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