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Ways to Leverage Your Online MSW Degree During a Job Interview


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(Photo : Compare Fibre on Unsplash)

While most colleges and learning institutions have embraced online classes, some employers have an unreasonable bias against students with online degrees. However, online courses aren't reserved for non-traditional students returning to colleges only. Students around the world can get their degrees from any university worldwide, and those living on college campuses also prefer online studies.

Fortunately, as the number of online students increases yearly, employers have reduced the substandard perception of online graduates. However, you should be concerned about the prospect of getting a job if your degree is entirely online. If you recently graduated from online MSW advanced standing programs, below are some tips for leveraging your online education during an interview.

1.  Explain Why You Chose to Study Online

Most employers haven't given much thought as to why someone would study online despite the plethora of colleges and universities offering MSW advanced programs. You should attend the interview adequately prepared to explain why you think earning an online degree is better.

For most students, the main reason is the desire to continue working or caring for their families while studying. If these are your driving factors as well, it is a sign of determination and integrity. It shows that instead of opting for the easier way, you chose to achieve goals that were important to you concurrently.

In rare cases, the institution near you doesn't offer your desired MSW program. Similarly, this shows purpose and thoughtfulness in researching different colleges instead of settling for a degree you are not interested in.

2.  Explain How You Chose the Program and Learning Institution

Like traditional colleges, online colleges are not equal. You should discuss your selection criteria with the interviewing panel. Important things to mention include the institution's reputation, accreditation, rigorous program requirements, and quality faculty. Choosing an online college is challenging, and you should prove to the panel that you researched extensively to find a college that would equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills.

3.  Explain the Challenges You Faced

Among the many reasons students prefer studying online is to enjoy the convenience of online classes. You can easily balance work, family and education. However, studying online comes with its fair share of hurdles. For instance, while in-physical studies are writing intensive, online courses require strong writing skills, excellent research, and information literacy skills.

Due to how students, instructors, and peers communicate, online learners have to grow their writing skills, which are beneficial in the work environment. Discuss how you initially struggled with written communication and how you developed these skills over time. You should also validate your ability to handle several responsibilities successfully and relate how these skills benefit your new position.

4.  Show Your Knowledge of Current Technologies

Another great perk of online learning is the ability to use modern technologies in the classroom environment. Online learners rely on software programs and other technologies to complete their courses. This places you above traditional classes.


The convenience and flexibility benefits of an online degree can translate well into new work environments. You should highlight the knowledge and skills gained during your online programs to impress your interviewers. Tech proficiency, organizational skills, and self-motivation come in handy.

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