3 Business Investments You Need to Consider for 2022


3 Business Investments You Need to Consider for 2022

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As 2022 chimes in, so do opportunities for your business to grow and thrive. And while there are a handful of things you can do to grow your business, you really can't go wrong with smart investments.

When you think about it, most business investments are actually investments for the development of a better economy. And as they thrive, so does your business. The investments that we will highlight in this article are not only going to be beneficial as 2022 unfolds, they just might prove to be crucial to your success.

Here are our top picks to consider this year.

The Digital Space: Metaverse

Metaverse is arguably the future's digital frontier. With polarizing opinions being generated literally everywhere, the Metaverse has in fact become the talk of cyber-town.

If VR chats and NFTs weren't Sci-Fi enough, the Metaverse has made it possible for you to invest in "digital real estate." Before you start rolling your eyes, just know that the highest bidder for an NFT spent $69.3 million last year. 

Here are the investments that you can make in the Metaverse:

  1. Metaverse stocks

  2. Metaverse real estate

  3. Metaverse cryptocurrency

Here's a word of caution: Given the Metaverse's infancy, only time will tell if it will usher in a new era or just be a niche product for gamers; which means that investments into Meta will be risky given the speculation and will demand real-time situational awareness from business investors.

Incident Management Technology

A great investment for 2022 will be response software solutions. Especially given the staggering losses that companies went through during the spread of COVID-19, solutions that help you combat the rise of economy-threatening scenarios are becoming more and more commonplace.

Effective critical incident management technology offering real-time situational awareness can prepare companies for, fight back, and recover from critical incidents. Not only do these protocols make for great investments, but also for great additions to your business. 


If you take interest in the idea of touching various industries, consider investing in commodities. Investments in commodities are essentially investments into physical products. According to Reuters, a commodity trader nearly doubled their profits from $147 billion in 2020 to $231 billion in 2021.

With commodities, you can invest in:

  1. Energy: Industries like gasoline, natural gas, crude oil, coal, heating oil, and uranium.

  2. Agricultural products: These would include cotton, corn, lumber, sugar, soybeans, and rough rice.

  3. Livestock and meat: Includes meat, milk, fur, wool, eggs, and leather.

  4. Metal: Includes aluminum, copper, gold, platinum, silver, and zinc.

What needs to be known, however, is that commodities' markets are quick to fluctuate. Some probable and common causes are political issues, disasters, unusual weather patterns, and pandemics. This may seem like a risky investment at first, but the number of options in commodity trading diversifies your investments and reduces the risk of an overall failure.

Make Smart Investments for a Profitable 2022

 With the recent trends in the economic climate, things are affected greatly by how COVID-19 shapes the world. This is why investments like Crypto, NFTs, and Metaverse are expected to yield benefits in 2022. This is also a time when diversifying your investments into commodities can be a very safe bet. And due to the increased risks of our times, investments and adoption of leading incident management technologies are increasing exponentially.

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