Want to Propose to Your Sweetheart: How Do You Know When It’s Time?

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Want to Propose to Your Sweetheart: How Do You Know When It’s Time?

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What if I propose to her and she says NO? 

What if she feels I'm being too pushy?

What if she perceives my proposal as being insecure and desperate?

What if she's not ready for marriage?

To be honest, there are a lot of 'what ifs' on every guy's mind before popping the big question. Almost every guy worries about not getting the timing right.

However, in this post, we're going to show you some signs you can look out for to know when it's time.

1. She's reached a milestone she always talks about

Some ladies want to get married only after they've bagged a Master's degree. Some want to after getting their dream job. And there are those that literally look at their bank balance as a signifier.

Whatever the case may be with your woman, you should figure out if she's tied her getting married to some personal milestones. In which case, you can only pop the question after the milestone is reached.

2. She wants it

There is no bigger hint of marriage than a lady who's always talking about getting engaged. If your woman is suddenly obsessed with the talk of marriage, engagement, and all that, you need no better sign.

On the flip side, your woman might be the type who doesn't talk about it naturally. In that case, you may lead the way with some questions relating to engagements and marriages.

I remember when I wanted to propose to my wife back then. I could spend the whole day engaging her about different engagement ring types. We would talk about vintage style engagement rings, 3-carat diamond rings, and all that. In the middle of that, she would joke about me not having enough money to purchase a diamond ring, and we would laugh about it.

Having this sort of conversation was all the hint I needed.

3. You guys now live together 

Some people say this is not really a sign, and that it's possible for partners to live together without necessarily being ready for marriage.

While this may be true to some extent, it isn't valid in all cases.

For some partners, living successfully under one roof for months/years is a big sign that marriage is possible.

If you and your partner belong to this school of thought, then loving together for a while may be all the sign you need to pop the big one.

4. Family and friends talk to you guys like you're married

Sometimes, the hint can come from both of your friends and families.

Say you visit her family during Christmas, and everyone is talking/looking at you like you're already their son-in-law. Or imagine you visit a friend's party and everyone is asking why you didn't bring your 'wife.'

Having these sorts of experiences may be all the hints you need to talk to your partner about marriage life. Of course, their responses during the conversation will determine whether to proceed with the marriage proposal or not.

5. You've asked her outright, and she sounds interested 

No rule book says marriage proposals have to happen without the other party having any hint at all.

Better she has a hint than say a NO.

Of course, you don't want to give much away. But you can save yourself any disappointment by simply talking to her about the subject months/weeks before popping the question.

You might say it jokingly. In fact, you may not even make it sound like you're talking about yourself. The idea is to know what she thinks about the subject.

6. She's ready for kids

If she's not ready for kids, she's probably not ready for marriage. Watch her ... observe her reaction to kids or anything relating to parenting. 

Does she seem enthusiastic about it? If so, then that may be a sign she's longing for it. If not, then you may have to take things slow with her 'cuz she's clearly not ready to be a parent. And where marriage goes, parenting follows.


There's no rule book for when a proposal has to happen. It varies depending on the individuals. However, with the hints we've provided in this post, we hope you can figure out the best time for you and yours.

Mind you; a marriage proposal doesn't have to end with just the ring. You can blow her mind away with a diamond pendant present or other unique gifts.

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