11 Benefits Of Furnished Apartments For College Students

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11 Benefits Of Furnished Apartments For College Students

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As college students, you may have the desire to live off-campus or independently, away from your family. Although this seems like a fantastic idea at first, it can be hard to find an apartment in your price range or that has all of the amenities you are looking for.

Furnished apartments are one way for college students to get what they want without breaking their budget or sacrificing space.

Here are some reasons why furnished apartments are the perfect solution for college students living independently:

1. The Furnitures Are A Great Deal

For college students on a budget, purchasing furniture for an apartment could not be the wisest decision at the moment. If you rent unfurnished apartments, you may have to wait until after graduation before you can afford a large purchase like a couch or dining room table.

When you rent furnished apartments like the private rooms BYU Idaho, you can get the entire package of furniture and amenities at an affordable price. Some of the common furnishings included in this type of apartment are the following:

  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Living Room Furniture
  • Dining Sets
  • Coffee Tables
  • Lamps and Lighting Fixtures
  • A Computer Desk

With all of these items that come with your apartment, you won't have to spend extra money buying them yourself.

It's especially nice for students who are just beginning their college degree, as it allows them to use their money on food and other essentials instead of furniture.

2. Most Furnished Apartments Have Utilities Included

One of the frustrating aspects of living in an unfurnished apartment is not having utilities included in your rent. When you live off-campus, there is a good chance that you will face an additional electric, water, and gas bill at the end of each month.

In an unfurnished apartment, you may have to pay for utilities separately. It might end up amounting to more than you anticipated.

When you rent furnished apartments, utilities are included in your monthly rental. It might help provide relief for college students as it allows them to plan their budgets with less worry over utility bills.

3. The Amenities Are Handled For You

Furnished apartment complexes are known for having great amenities to offer. As a college student, you may be looking for an apartment that has a study area and wireless internet.

When you rent unfurnished apartments, these are all things that you have to provide for yourself. However, when you rent furnished apartments, you can have many of these things handed to you at a low price.

Some amenities that come with your furnished apartment include:

  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Sparkling Pool and Jacuzzi
  • 24 Hour Fitness Center
  • Study Areas
  • Community Centers
  • Computer Labs

With all of these amenities on hand, you will have a lot less to worry about while living in your apartment.

4. They're Usually Located In A Great Area

One of the benefits of living in a furnished apartment is that they are always located conveniently. Many college students have trouble finding off-campus housing that is near their classes or their work.

It's not an issue when you rent furnished apartments because most of them are located close to major highways and attractions. When you live in a furnished apartment, you can get out of bed and walk straight to class without having to go through the hassle of driving. Even if you have a car, it is nice to know that your apartment is close enough for you to walk or bike to if you want.

Most furnished apartments are located in business or retail districts as well. This means that you don't have to go far for a new outfit, groceries, or even a fast-food meal.

5. Management Is Handled For You

When you rent unfurnished apartments, you have to handle basic house management tasks yourself. These may include light housekeeping or taking care of a leaky faucet.

However, when you rent a furnished apartment, these tasks are usually handled by the property management team at your building. It allows you to save money on home maintenance costs, which is especially nice during your college years. Modern management also lets you pay rent online via the resident portal.

So, if you're looking for the perfect off-campus and low-maintenance housing for college students, then furnished apartments may be suitable for you. Having good apartment management provides some perks such as:

  • Daily or monthly maintenance service
  • 24-hour emergency service

6. Peace Of Mind

One of the best benefits of renting furnished apartments is the sense of security and comfort it gives you.

Imagine coming home to a cold and empty apartment after a long day's work. There are no lights, no furniture, and no sense of warmth. Now picture coming home to a furnished apartment where everything is in its place, and you know that you can relax and take a load off your feet after a long day's work. 

A furnished apartment can create a sense of peace for the renter. You will feel homey as soon as you enter the door.

7. Simplify Your Life

Another benefit of renting furnished apartments is that it simplifies your life. With all of the furnishings in place, you don't have to spend time shopping for what you need. If something breaks, you don't need to take a day off work and drive around looking for a repair shop because the management got your back.

All your needs are already accounted for in your furnished apartment so that you can focus your energy on school or work instead. You don't need to be constantly on your guard because everything you need is right in front of you. It's like you have another home away from home without the unnecessary hassles.

8. Less Clutter

You suddenly have much more space when you move out of college dorm rooms into an unfurnished apartment. Unfurnished apartments tend to attract clutter very easily, especially for college students who lack the motivation to organize and clean.

However, when renting furnished apartments, you can avoid having too many things crowding up your living space because they will already be in order when you move in.

It's nice when you can invite your friends to dinner at your place without worrying about cleaning the apartment. Renting furnished apartments gives you that luxury.

9. A More Relaxing Living Experience

Renting furnished apartments gives you the opportunity to enjoy an experience that is similar to living in a dorm room but without all of the rules and restrictions.

When you rent a fully furnished apartment, it allows your mind to relax and focus on more important things. You can focus your energy on being successful in life without worrying about things at home. Your space is already equipped with things you need, so you won't experience the stress of finding other necessities for your living space.  

Having a furnished apartment can make life much less complicated during your college years. It makes it easy for you to accomplish your goals and maintain that work-life balance, which is why so many people consider them nowadays.

10. Payment Flexibility

Another benefit of furnished apartments is that they can be rented on a month-to-month basis. This gives students and professionals the ability to adjust their apartment rental costs whenever necessary without losing important ground in their monthly expenses.

Renting unfurnished apartments, which are also known as luxury apartments, usually requires a long-term contract agreement. This can be difficult for freshman college students who are just getting their feet wet in the professional world.

However, if you rent furnished apartments, you will probably have more flexible payment terms that match your budget and needs. You won't have to stress yourself about paying for unfurnished luxury apartment rentals, especially when you have so many other things going on in your life.

11. Quick Move-In

Another benefit of renting furnished apartments is that they are usually quick to move into.

Some moving companies even offer same-day or next-day move-in options for renters who need their rental units as soon as possible. This means you can skip out on the hassle of clearing your old place and getting all of your things moved into your new apartment.

All you have to do is move in and enjoy all of the amenities that come with your new furnished apartment.

11 Benefits Of Furnished Apartments For College Students
(Photo : 11 Benefits Of Furnished Apartments For College Students)


Renting a furnished apartment can give you a long list of benefits. It is a good choice for both college students and young professionals who need a place to live.

A furnished apartment can give you more freedom, independence, and control over your living space without the added hassle of trying to find essentials for your lifestyle. When all of these factors come together, it is easy to see why furnished apartments are the best option for college students on a budget.

If you are looking for a new place to live, you should consider furnished apartments. When you do, be sure to look for a professional real estate agent that will help you find the perfect apartment that meets your budget and needs.

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