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What Are The Types Of Sunglasses Out There?


What Are The Types Of Sunglasses Out There?

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Choosing the right sunglasses is very important, as the wrong pair of glasses can mess up your entire look. Therefore, we need to understand the difference between all types of sunglasses. So that we can make a better decision while choosing one.

Here is a brief introduction of different types of sunglasses that are preferred by most people in the fashion world.

Aviator Sunglasses

These sunglasses are designed for pilots. While flying they prevent entering dust in the eyes of the pilot and thus help them to drive safely. But now these sunglasses have taken a big leap and have become a sensation in the fashion world. These glasses are famous for their iconic metal frame and reflective tint. 

A lot of young men and women are adding aviators to their fashion apparel for its vintage look. Aviator sunglasses were originally sold by Ray-Ban, but now every other sunglasses brand has it in their catalog. 

Oval Sunglasses

The oval sunglasses have a broader width and will be very comfortable if you have a heart face. These glasses will give you a vintage vibe with their different shades.

Oval-shaped sunglasses not only protect you from the sun's UV rays but also enhance your visibility. Oval-shaped sunglasses appear to be extra stylish and casual and make you look youthful and bright. The frames of these sunglasses are usually thicker as compared to other sunglasses.  


Wayfarers have been used by people of all ages to present themselves subtly and calmly. These glasses have square-shaped lenses, which are curved around the edges. Due to its shape, the wayfarer suits best on round faces. However, wayfarers cannot be used for professional purposes because their overall construction gives them a casual outlook. 

Round Sunglasses 

Who could ever forget the iconic round glasses of John Lennon of the Beatles. Since then, these glasses have not lost their charm. These glasses from the elite vintage collection have round lenses with sophisticated outer frames. If you have a square-shaped face, these sunglasses will upgrade your appearance to the next level. 

Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you are a fan of cartoons, you may have noticed villains wearing cat-eye sunglasses. As intimidating as these glasses may look, it fares brilliantly on a triangular face. These glasses have their corners pointed outwards, which resonate with the eyes of a cat. This type of sunglasses makes you look more adventurous, daring, and bold. 

Clubmaster Sunglasses 

Clubmaster sunglasses have a unique style. These features make them distinctive from others. Such frames were popular in the late 50s and 60s and were called browline sunglasses. 

These sunglasses are called browlines because they have a thick top frame superimposed upon the underlying frame. To any person, this top frame may seem like an eyebrow of sunglasses. The lens of these sunglasses is further supported at the base by a thin metal boundary. 

Wrap Sunglasses

The design of wrap sunglasses is different and often rated best for sports. These glasses act as a shield for your eyes because of their unique style. They are often referred to as wrap sunglasses, as it fully covers or wraps around the head. 

Wrap sunglasses are designed to cover the eyes and emphasize the angles of the face. Moreover, it also allows you to see objects on your sides very clearly, as its lenses provide a wider field of vision than most glasses. Most sportspersons and dedicated athletes prefer to wrap sunglasses during the game.

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

These sunglasses are funny but adorable. The frames of these sunglasses are famous for their uniqueness. If you wear these glasses, you will cherish their retro vibe, and it will produce positive energy inside you. Therefore, if you are a jolly person and looking to spice up the fun moments at the party, go wear these glasses. It will indeed make your day memorable. 

Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses are more of traditional and versatile styles. These glasses became more popular because of an American editor Anna Wintour, who used to wear them with dark color frames. If you have a round face, then you must try these square sunglasses. They look magnificent. 

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