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Flexispot Willow Offers the Ultimate Standing Desk Experience: Advanced Features and Classic Look ALL in One!


Are you a student, an employee, or just someone who is forced to stay indoors because of the ongoing pandemic? If yes, then you might be one of those people who spend most of their time in front of their PC or laptop. 

Right now, college students and working individuals are usually studying at home and doing remote work. However, sitting for a very long time could make you suffer in the long run. 

Better Health Channel explained that humans are naturally born to stand upright. This simply means that your cardiovascular system and heart work more efficiently when you are standing compared to a sitting position.

Willow Flexispot

But, modernization has changed this habit since most people tend to stay in a chair as they work more than eight hours a day or attend online classes that last for hours. However, various manufacturers, including FlexiSpot, are now developing innovations that would fix your sitting habit. 

If you are still not concerned about this, here are some reasons why you need to get FlexiSpot's Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk: 

Negative Effects of Sitting 

One of the most common effects of long-hour sitting is back and hip pain. When you are in a chair for a very long time, your back and hips are the ones supporting your weight. 

This is comparable to your glutes and legs when you are standing. Doctors and other medical researchers claimed that consistently sitting could cause hip flexor muscles to shorten. Once it happens, your hip joints could have problems. 

On the other hand, sitting with poor postures could also lead to poor spine health, especially when you don't use an ergonomically designed chair or workstation. 

This includes compression in your spine's discs, which could lead to painful premature degeneration. Meanwhile, medical experts claimed that this negative habit could even lead to more serious health complications, such as cancer. 

If you are still not worried, imagine suffering from uterine, lung, and colon cancers just because you spend hours in front of your desktop, sitting. Mental health is also at risk since you are missing out on the basic physical activities that your body needs regularly, such as walking and standing. 

These are just some of the physical and mental health complications you could suffer from if you don't stand up right now. Doctors added that you could also have varicose veins, diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, stiff neck, and shoulders, as well as heart disease if you continue your slouchy habit. 

But, don't worry. FlexiSpot Willow Solid Wood Stand Desk got your back. To give you more idea, here are some reasons why this standing desk is your best option right now. 

Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk Is Your Best Option 

FlexiSpot's standing desk is one of the best brands you could find in the market at a reasonable price. This height-adjustable desk allows you to change its height depending on your preferences. 

The manufacturer reassures you that it is different from its competitors since its Willow Solid Wood Stand Desk is specifically designed to offer you the best standing desk experience. 

Basically, this product offers a wide "adjustable height range and an even faster lifting speed." 

"The FlexiSpot Willow height-adjustable desk features an environmentally-friendly solid wood desktop which offers a sleek, classic look that's sure to fit into any decor," added the company. 

The basic model of FlexiSpot Willow Solid Wood Stand Desk only costs $339.99. But, if you prefer to have more advanced models, the company's stand desk also has two more variants; Pro 2-Stage Frame and Pro 3-Stage Frame. On the other hand, all three models offer a 30-Day Risk-Free Return if there are some issues with the actual product. 

FlexiSpot Eco 2-Stage Frame ($339.99) 

Eco 2-Stage Frame is the cheapest model of FlexiSpot's Willow Solid Wood Stand Desk. It is designed to help you with your sitting habit or sedentary lifestyle. Although it is the basic variant, you can rest assured that your PC or laptop is safe since this table never buckles under the weight of your desktop, as well as other accessories. 

  • Lift Speed (1 inch per second) 

  • Weight Capacity (154 pounds) 

  • Height Range (28-inches to 47.6-inches) 

  • Applied Desktop Size (39.3-inches to 63-inches) 

FlexiSpot Pro-2 Stage Frame ($479.99)

FlexiSpot Pro-2 Stage Frame is the second model of the company's standing desk. It could support more weight compared to the first variant and offers more advanced lifting speed. This feature was made possible thanks to the company's integrated dual-motor lifting system. 

If you are a heavy gamer, then FlexiSpot Pro-2 Stage Frame is the most preferred Willow Solid Wood Stand Desk product for you. 

  • Lift Speed (1.26 inches per second) 

  • Weight Capacity (220 pounds) 

  • Height Range (27.2-inches to 46.5-inches) 

  • Applied Desktop Size (47.2-inches to 78.7-inches) 

FlexiSpot Pro 3-Stage Frame ($529.99) 

Compared to the first two mentioned FlexiSpot Willow Solid Wood Stand Desk, the Pro 3-Stage Frame offers the ultimate standing desk experience. It offers a better adjustable height range, as well as a faster lifting speed. 

It is the best option for those who need to have extra adjustability because of their body height, especially athletes and other tall individuals. Pro 3-Stage Frame also offers a better experience when it comes to child learning, live streaming, complex crafting, and other versatile scenarios. 

  • Lift Speed (1.50 inches per second)

  • Weight Capacity (275 pounds) 

  • Height Range (22.8-inches to 48.4-inches) 

  • Applied Desktop Size (47.2-inches to 78.7-inches) 

FlexiSpot Keypads 

If you are now interested in purchasing one of FlexiSpot's Willow Solid Wood Stand Desk, then you also need to know that these products also offer the company's advanced keypad systems. As of the moment, the FlexiSpot Keypad has three models; basic, standard, and advanced all-in-one keypad. 

However, only Eco 2-Stage Frame offers the FlexiSpot Keypad basic model, which would cost $0. On the other hand, you can still upgrade to the standard version, which would cost an additional $30. 

On the other hand, Pro 2-Stage Frame and Pro 3-Stage Frame only offer the advanced all-in-one variant, which costs $90. 

FlexiSpot Keypad Basic Model

  • Up-Down Button

Willow Flexispot
(Photo : Willow Flexispot)

FlexiSpot Keypad Standard Model

  • Up-Down Button 

  • Digital Height Display

  • Memory Presets

  • Sit-Stand Reminder

FlexiSpot Advanced All-In-One Model 

This is the best keypad you can get since it allows you to save your favorite standing, seated, and under-desk cycling heights. It also has a sleep mode feature, which allows you to reduce its battery consumption when not in use. 

  • Up-Down Button 

  • Digital Height Display

  • Memory Presets

  • Sit-Stand Reminder

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