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How to Delete Your Digital Footprint from the Internet


How to Delete Your Digital Footprint from the Internet

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Throughout all the years that you have been using the internet for everything from schoolwork and entertainment to connecting with friends and getting work done, you have left behind more information than you might realize. Plus, there are public records on you that make it easy for certain websites to display your personal details surprisingly easily. So, what can you do to remove this digital footprint that has been created through your own actions, as well as the actions of others? Well, to get started, you can begin with the tips below. 

Perform a Search of Your Name 

To get an idea of what information is currently out there, you need to type your name into a search engine (most people will start with Google, of course). By taking this step, you can begin to see exactly what has been published about you. Many people, for example, will be shocked to find just how much information about them is out there, and how much of it is so easy to find. 

Once you know which websites are displaying your information, you can begin contacting them to let them know that you'd like to have your information removed. This can be the first step in removing content about yourself that you no longer want people to find when they search for you online. 

Delete Accounts, Social Media Pages, and Email Addresses

Another step you can take to delete your digital footprint: think about all of the various accounts that you have opened online throughout the years. If those accounts are still active, it is time to delete them. 

This includes old email addresses that you no longer use, social media accounts that you no longer want to be active, and any other online accounts that you have created for everything from shopping to connecting with others on message boards. 

There Are a Lot of People Search Sites to Cover

Another thing you might realize once you perform a search online using your full name: your personal details are listed on a lot of people search websites! These are designed to make it easy to find someone when you're looking for them, and many of them even make it easy to perform a quick and easy background check on individuals. While this can be helpful, if you are concerned about your privacy, you definitely don't want people to be able to gain access to this type of info about you so easily. 

What can you do? Well, there are ways to opt out of having your information displayed on these sites. You might go to the Whitepages opt out page to get an idea of how easy it is to request removal of your details. 

In addition to Whitepages, another popular people search website is Intelius, so definitely take a look to see if they have your info, and head to the Intelius opt out page if you do find that they have your details on display. 

Remember, performing a basic search using your full name will let you know just how many of these sites you're on. You might discover, as another example, that you also need to search for BeenVerified opt out instructions too. 

Ultimately, it can take time to delete your digital footprint, but if this is important to you, rest assured that there are things you can do. 

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