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6 Reasons Why UK Students Love Self Storage


6 Reasons Why UK Students Love Self Storage

(Photo : 6 Reasons Why UK Students Love Self Storage)

Approaching summers bring a breath of fresh air for students in the form of summer vacations, but at the same time, they are faced with the dilemma of packing up the stuff from their flats and hostels and moving back to their homes.

Being a university student in the UK comes with a lot of issues to deal with, so why make storage problems one of those issues?

STORED storage units are an ideal solution to your student storage problems allowing you to return home on summer vacations with a free mind and an empty bag.

It is often thought that university students in the UK are among the rarest users of the storage outlet, but the situation is quite the opposite in real life.

Be it the summer vacations, moving to new student accommodation, or freeing up some space at their flat to adjust a fellow in for some days, students emerge as a group of people who love self storage and all for valid reasons!

Here are six reasons to why your love for self storage as a student in the UK should never diminish!

Free up some space

Let's admit it, even the student accommodation rents are rising to the top every day, and nothing is stopping it. The spaces are getting smaller and students, especially in the shared accommodations, find it really difficult to manage their belongings in a tiny room.

New students usually go to hostels with a lot of unnecessary stuff that they might not even use once in the next four years. If 3 or 4 students share a flat, the belongings of all of them combined together will even make breathing hard in that flat due to the lack of room.

STORED self storage units are affordable and allow you to keep such rarely used items at a particular place, ready to retrieve whenever you need them. This reduces the clutter at your site of living and gives you and your mates some extra space to live freely.

The freedom to try out new things

Your university life is the period of figuring out who you actually are. This means trying out new hobbies and things you have never done before.

Obviously, this would involve material things that are going to take up a lot of space, and this is where the convenience of the storage outlet comes in!

Renting out a STORED self storage unit will give you the liberty of trying out new hobbies and fashions without having to worry about running out of space at your place.

Do not miss the chance of being part of the Drummers band you love or going on that mountaineering trip because the storage outlet has always got your back in keeping your gear- regardless of how big it is!

The peaceful environment you need!

Students are always in for the parties and loud music, but the exam season is where most of them wish for a peaceful environment to study. Besides the exams season; you may require a quiet space to write an assignment or finish the research dissertation before the deadline.

Even though it may sound a bit absurd at first, storage unit at the storage outlet offer you a perfect solution in the form of a distraction-free world you seek. You can rent out a storage unit and use it for study purposes as long as you are comfortable in there.

You can easily adjust your self storage according to your liking, like putting in a chair and table or maybe a comfy couch with a cushion. You can do whatever you need to achieve the level of peace and quietness for an ideal study environment.

Keep your things private

If you are one of those guys who do not like other people meddling with their things, then you are going to love the STORED storage units even more!

While living in shared accommodation, there are usually no private things, especially for the students.

Your roommates will be using your stuff without even asking mostly, and it is not something to be frowned upon. However, one is not always lucky to live with trustworthy people.

In addition to that, some people have different preferences, and the self storage units come to the rescue for such students who like to keep their things only to themselves.

The storage outlet is a great place to keep your stuff away from prying eyes and safe somewhere where only you can access it.

Move around without worrying.

Your life is always going to be on a roll during your student life. Whether it is moving to a new place or going back to your home during the summer vacations, you can't just avoid moving being a student.

For a convenient and hassle-free moving experience, self storage is going to be your best friend!

It is always better to keep most of your stuff at the storage outlet if you are moving to a temporary place.

Just move in with bare minimums and take your stuff out of the storage unit only when you find a relatively long-term residence. This will save you from the effort of moving everything back and forth every time.

Go home with an empty bag!

Everyone avoids traveling with a lot of baggage. Students, who have to move back every year for the summer vacations, hate it even more than common people.

Why burden yourself with carrying everything to and back or paying for the expensive services of home movers when you can avail the STORED student storage package at just a fraction of the cost? 

You can use the-storage-outlet to safely store all your stuff before moving back home and be back to collect your things at the start of the next academic year!

Why STORED Student Storage?

So, you are in love with the ease of self storage and looking for the best student storage service out there? Look no further than STORED!

STORED makes student storage services far more accessible as compared to traditional self storage as you will not be asked to waste your precious study time in packing and transportation of your stuff.

For a lower price, your stuff will be picked up from your doorstep and moved into your storage unit. Not only this but your things will be safely delivered back to you again at the end of summer vacations when you come back.

The best thing? All of this from STORED for absolutely no extra or hidden charges at all!

Students are also eligible for a 15% discount off the first month's rent if storing for three months or more. Book your student storage service online through the STORED website to get a discount.

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