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4 Interesting Careers to Consider With a Political Science Degree


4 Interesting Careers to Consider With a Political Science Degree

(Photo : 4 Interesting Careers to Consider With a Political Science Degree)

4 Interesting Careers to Consider With a Political Science Degree

When you told friends and family that you were going to major in political science in college, many of them asked you "Oh, so you want to get into politics?" As you know quite well, there are a variety of unique and interesting jobs that you can get with your political science degree - and none of them has anything to do with politics. Here are four to consider.

Policy Analyst

A fine way to utilize your degree in political science is in a career as a policy analyst. This type of job will usually be at the local, national or international level and be found at government offices, international organizations and other places. Your solid grasp of law and policy will come in handy at your job, as well your skills as a researcher. Policy analysts will usually keep up with trends in social trends, economics and other topics and then recommend policies that will help improve these areas of concern.

Public Administration

This is a term for a rather broad field of careers that includes administrative services that are necessary to help strengthen society. If you have a strong interest in social justice, this type of job would allow you to pursue this important goal. The work of public administrators may be less dramatic than activists who are pushing for social justice reform, but it is just as crucial. Making positive progress towards social justice for all requires public policies as well as an understanding of political systems, which are qualifications you will have through your work and your college education.

Social Media Manager

A job as a social media manager may have you working with politicians, but it does not mean you are running for office any time. Instead, a social media manager will create campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that will help influence the perception of those who follow the candidate on social media. As The Balance Careers notes, officials, political parties and interest groups also need social media managers to handle posts and monitor the views and reactions of constituents. As a political science major, you know how opinions can be formed by different types of media, so your degree would be useful in this type of work.


An arbitrator is a legal mediator who helps to resolve matters for people who do not wish to go to court. This job, which is typically held by those with a political science degree, involves working to make sure both parties will agree to and sign a resolution to the dispute that is legally binding. If you are interested in law and the court system, but are not interested in pursuing a career as an attorney, being an arbitrator could be a good way to use your degree.

Many Careers Await You, No Running for Office Required

Of course, if you want to get into politics, you can certainly do that with your political science degree, but this type of degree does not pigeonhole you into this one type of career. From being a policy analyst or channeling your interest in social justice into a job in public administration, to managing social media campaigns and becoming an arbitrator, there are many career avenues you can explore with a political science degree.

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