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Common Problems That PKI Can Help Solve


Common Problems That PKI Can Help Solve

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Encryption has been one of the most significant innovations in technology. However, encryption was a significant feature of ancient societies. While that encryption was primitive, it was still exceptional for its time. Encryption continues to be valuable today, as we have so many more secrets that we need to protect. However, modern organizations need to understand how encryption works to take full advantage of its capabilities. Without that, it will be difficult for these organizations to get effective results.

There are two types of encryption that you need to worry about. You have symmetric and asymmetric encryption, and each of them has different benefits that you need to think about. You also have Public Key Infrastructure, which is an excellent way of managing your encryption methodologies. When it comes to encryption, many problems can be solved, but you need to understand the entire lifecycle to solve these issues. PKI management is becoming crucial in the modern encrypted world, and it is something that your organization needs to understand well.

Introduction to Encryption

Encryption is a way of obfuscating information using mathematical algorithms. You run information through this algorithm, and it returns you an obfuscated version that only the person with a key can read. It enables you to send information securely across the Internet to someone who has a key. When it gets to them, they can then reverse the process and have the original message.

There are many important applications for encryption, and it is finding widespread adoption in more areas as we go along. This is because technology is getting complicated with time. Companies want to protect secrets and intellectual property, which is the major reason they want to encrypt as much data as possible.

How People Use Encryption

Encryption is used today to secure the modern Internet. It is used in hardware devices, and it is even used in automobiles. Almost every device that requires some level of obfuscation uses encryption. That is because it is a crucial technology that forms the backbone of modern products. There are certain products that would not work without encryption technology. The main reason not to adopt encryption has to do with the level of security you desire. You also have PKI encryption, which is a major part of managing the security infrastructure of the modern Internet.

The Role of PKI

PKI management is a crucial part of modern encryption. In the world of encryption, digital certificates are a major factor. These are essentially identification cards that are issued to devices and other products. Encryption is then used to verify the identity of a connecting device using its certificate. It is one of the major ways we use encryption to secure the Internet.

This method of securing the Internet is used quite often in how we work with our web browsers. Every time you go to a website with the secure icon at the top, you are using PKI encryption technology. Your web browser contains a list of verified certificates, and it then checks it when it visits the website. It enables your web browser to know whether you are visiting a good website or not.

Digital Certificates with PKI

As mentioned above, digital certificates are crucial in verifying the identities of devices. It is why it is such an important feature in how corporations monitor and facilitate access to their network. It is also a significant reason why PKI management is so crucial. With everything that happens, you need to verify every time someone connects to your network. Organizations need to have a way of monitoring and managing access.

Managing access to your network with encryption is a major feat. It is why this field is such a complicated one. It requires a lot of different things to come together for your organization to get it right. Many different organizations are responsible for monitoring each part of the process. For example, the Certificate Authority is responsible for issuing, signing, and managing the expiration of certificates.

What a Certificate Authority Does

As mentioned above, the Certificate Authority is responsible for issuing and managing certificates. You can create your own certificates, but this certificate authority is the only recognized body that can sign them without any problems. You pay a small fee, and the certificate authority authenticates what you have and keeps it in its database. Every browser will have direct access to certificate authorities.

That is one of the major reasons you don't have any problems when you connect to a website with an authenticated certificate. It has been verified and signed by a certificate authority.

Detailing the Process

The first thing that happens is you need to create a certificate that details what the resource is and have it signed by the certificate authority. After that has happened, the certificate would then be installed on the relevant hardware. It then uses asymmetric encryption to authenticate the certificate and the connecting hardware. It all moves seamlessly, and it is a crucial part of the authentication and encryption process. When a device connects, everything is checked for authenticity.

Problems That Get Solved with PKI

There are a few major technical problems that can be solved with this method. It is always about device security, so it is such an important part of modern hardware design. For example, most computing devices use this method of encryption for protecting trade secrets. There are also game consoles that use this technology.

Device Security

The most prominent display of these technologies is in video game consoles. They require ultimate security, as publishers do not want people pirating their games. It is also used to encrypt firmware and other useful information in certain set-top boxes and routing equipment. It is usually crucial to have these devices encrypted, as it could cost a lot of money for the company to lose its intellectual property. There's also the threat of competitors reverse engineering things to then copy and build something similar.

Wrap Up

PKI solves many common problems in today's modern security infrastructure. It is why it is becoming such a crucial part of how we secure our network devices. 

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