Injuries that May Occur at the Gym

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Injuries that May Occur at the Gym

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There are many reasons why people choose to remain active or to workout regularly. They may do this by going for a run, taking a walk, or working out at a gym.  

If you're someone who enjoys a good workout, then being injured is something you probably do your best to avoid. There's nothing like exercising regularly and reaching your ideal fitness level, only to have that disrupted because you get hurt.

There are ways to avoid most injuries, especially when working out at a fitness center or gym. Mostly, it's about being cautious, so you might need to tone down your competitiveness or temper your enthusiasm for exercising.

Here are a few injuries that may occur while exercises, along with some tips to avoid them:

Knee Injuries

These injuries can occur when you are not wearing the correct footwear and your feet aren't adequately supported or stable. Your knees can also be strained when the weights you're using are too heavy weights or you try to perform too many repetitions.

Weak hips could be contributing to this injury, and you should focus on exercises that will strengthen your hips. If lifting weights is your thing, then you should ensure that your knees are aligned correctly with every lift you do.

Lower Back Injuries

Sitting for long periods at your desk can lead to injuries when you work out. You can have problems when you attempt to lift weights overhead but struggle as your upper back doesn't extend as required, because you end up putting extra pressure on your lower back.

Good stretching of the upper back is vital. Care should be taken with squats or deadlifts as your form is crucial. Keeping your spine neutral can help with a lifting motion. Ask a personal trainer for assistance if you are unsure.

Wrist Injuries

Too many barbell curls or push-ups can put unnecessary strain on your wrists. This is especially important if you spend your day with your arms extended towards a keyboard, because that could make your wrists vulnerable. 

Try wrist extension exercises instead, or use a rowing machine, where you can rotate your palms behind you and away from you. 

Ankle Injuries

Hurting your ankle while working out in a gym is just as common as when you are out running. If you're not concentrating on your rhythm while on the treadmill or lose your balance, you could land up with a sprained ankle.

You should start with some ankle flexibility exercises or exercises that strengthen your lower leg and foot. Remain cautious while using the treadmill, and if you venture outdoors for a run, take care of uneven terrain. You should always take extra care of where you place your foot.

Other Injuries

There are many other injuries that you might encounter when you work out. The important thing is to remember to warm up before exercising and use each machine with care.

Injuries may also occur in the gym that you have no control over. These could happen if machines are faulty or there are loose tiles in the changing rooms, for example. If something like this does occur and you find yourself with some serious injuries, it would be advisable to seek legal assistance. 

There are people from Diamond and Diamond who can give you guidance on how to proceed.


It's good to maintain a healthy and physically active lifestyle. You just need to take care when working out, because injuries can occur quickly if you exert yourself too hard or don't have the correct form. 

Getting injured can set your training program back for weeks, if not months. So whenever you're at the gym, pay special attention to your movement and watch out for unsafe areas.

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