Melvin Brewing Shares 8 Companies That Value Higher Education


Melvin Brewing Shares 8 Companies That Value Higher Education

Photo : Melvin Brewing Shares 8 Companies That Value Higher Education

Colleges and universities are an important part of today's world. They can teach students and help them become effective employees in the current work environment. However, these establishments can always use some help, so we want to share eight businesses that support and value higher education.

Melvin Brewing

Melvin Brewing puts forth effort and offers a $1,000 scholarship to anyone that wants to seek higher education once they graduate from high school. They make it clear that they understand the importance of college. They want to help students by alleviating some of the finances they will face when they seek out higher education.

When you consider tuition, books and housing, the price for college quickly adds up. Melvin Brewing realizes how difficult it can be to cover these costs, so they offer this scholarship to anyone currently enrolled in college. They recognize the potential these students have, so they want to do their part to help others through college.


McDonald's uses its HACERR program to give scholarships to Hispanic students that want to go to college. This program focuses on providing money, resources and other information to Hispanic students. While they do offer scholarships to help with financial aid, they also seek to expand the resources available to these students.

For example, they make it really easy for you to check your eligibility and other requirements to join the program. You can also watch their live workshops to help you with school applications and the HACER Education Tour. This will help you prepare for college and future leadership positions.

Burger King

Some students may struggle to get scholarships without a 4.0 GPA, so Burger King offers help through its scholarship program. They allow people with a 2.5 GPA or higher to apply for their scholarships, giving more people the chance to receive financial aid. They also encourage applications from students that volunteer in their communities.

Burger King has offered financial assistance to students since 2005, making them a long standing contributor to higher education. In 2019, they gave four million dollars in scholarships to almost 3,700 students. They focus on providing support through scholarships, so they really deliver in that regard.


Coca-Cola puts a heavy emphasis on supporting higher education by offering three scholarship programs. This includes Coca-Cola Scholars, the Community College Academic Team and the Leaders of Promise. Each one offers their own scholarships and support to students across the nation, including high school students entering college.

Each of these programs encourage and focus on different types of students. For example, they offer scholarships to students for their academic achievements, creativity and leadership skills. They also offer information on financial aid, guides for college costs and even workshops and academies to help students earn scholarships.


The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation puts forth effort to give scholarships and academic support through Dell. Due to this foundation, Dell has successfully offered over 5,000 scholarships across the nation. They also have nearly 3,000 alumni through their scholarships and Dell scholarship receivers tend to graduate twice as fast as the average student.

As Dell gives out scholarships, they will spotlight different winners. This gives those recipients the opportunity to share their stories and encourage others to seek out higher education. With this in mind, Dell effectively contributes to colleges by offering scholarships and motivating others to seek higher education.

Dr. Pepper

During 2020, Dr. Pepper received tons of applications for their scholarship program. Over 100,000 students applied for scholarships, which involved over 10,000 colleges and programs, showing how many people Dr. Pepper helped. On top of this, the program gave over two million dollars in tuition.

To add to this, Dr. Pepper gets everyday people involved with the process. According to their website, people can donate to the fund by purchasing Dr. Pepper, so your basic purchase can help people get through college. By using this approach, Dr. Pepper makes itself stand out while showing how others can donate or contribute to the cause.


It comes as no surprise that a large computer company would offer scholarships. Microsoft focuses on the industry by offering scholarships to those involved in STEM programs or Computer Science majors. Microsoft wants to see growth in technology, so it makes sense that they would contribute and give back to the industry.

Not only do they offer scholarships, but they also seek to employ people in the industry. This means someone could receive a scholarship, graduate from college and apply to Microsoft. This means these students can pay for school while Microsoft helps them to network for their future, which will set them up for success.


Google may stand out as a popular, efficient and useful search engine, but they also contribute to higher education by offering scholarships. Just like with Microsoft, Google focuses on offering scholarships to students seeking degrees in Computer Science and similar industries. They also look for people that want to become leaders in the field.

Google offers scholarships to people across the world and they even have an internship program. This means students can get some experience in the industry during college or once they graduate. Google also offers events and resources on higher education to help students succeed in the industry, making them a strong contender among companies that value higher education.

Many companies from various industries show how much they value higher education by offering scholarships and encouraging others to go to college. There are plenty of businesses that offer scholarships, but we wanted to highlight these companies for their efforts. You can always look for your own ways to support and help those seeking higher education across the nation. 

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