How to Get More Instagram Likes (Free Instagram Likes)

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How to Get More Instagram Likes (Free Instagram Likes)

Photo : How to Get More Instagram Likes (Free Instagram Likes)

The truth is, the Instagram app is still the golden child in the social media world and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. To be completely honest, getting more Likes on your posts is no joke. Let's dig in and discover exactly how to improve your likability and get you more Likes on every post! 

Apart from using vendors like Buzzoid to buy Instagram likes, here are some free, alternative methods.

Why the Number of Likes Matter

Believe it or not, a lot of brands use the number of Likes on their Instagram posts to evaluate their success - the more Likes, the more successful they are and that stands true for just about everybody on social media (at least in their own minds). In fact, Likes are a big part of Instagram engagement and it shows people are interested in your posts, brand, and ideas. 

You will find below some very useful tips and suggestions to make your presence on Instagram more noticeable, which of course includes upping the number of Likes on all your posts!

However; we chose not to include taking great photos because we think everybody already knows that taking high-quality pictures is the number one goal for generating more Likes on your posts. But as you are about to find out - there's a lot more to discover in the social media empire for acquiring more Likes on all your posts than just taking great photos! 

Top 5 Tips For Getting More Likes On Instagram

Below are 5 tips for boosting your Instagram account and getting more Likes. 

#1 Check Out The Competition

Yep, we said it - start checking out your competition and see what is working in their favor. You don't need to think about trying to copy any of their ideas, but let them inspire you to do more in being a part of the trends that are shining now. If you want to get some fresh new inspiration, go to the explore page to find some of the most inspirational accounts on Instagram and see how they are doing it.

The best thing about doing this extra effort is that you will find that new inspiration to change things up a bit and take some new risks. Your current circle is already used to your style, now let's shake things up a bit and add some new flair to your posts. Don't forget to add a super cool photo, quote, or illustration to give it more pop! 

As you check out the competition, you'll probably notice that there are a lot of content types available. Make sure you post a lot of Instagram content too. This means you should post or repost Instagram-photos, videos, Instagram stories, Instagram Live videos, boomerangs, and more. 

#2 Give Something Away For Free

We don't know about you, but almost everybody loves an Instagram contest where they can score something new for free - we know we certainly do! A photo contest or giveaway is one of the BEST tactics in the industry used by so many brands to improve their likability and expand their number of followers (combine this and buy Instagram followers from a reliable vendor to better improve your success).

It's so simple, just pick a product that is trending now and get ready to watch your likes soar on your post!  All you need to do is have a few requirements to make this successful:

  • Like this post for a chance to win!

  • Share this post with five friends. (Any number will work, so pick whatever number you want.)

  • Click Follow! (You want them to be a follower of yours now and the probability is that whoever they share your post with will also do the same so they can enter to win.)

You can expect to see a lot of engagement from a post like this. It's truly brilliant when it comes to increasing your number of followers and Likes! 

Note: You don't need to spend a fortune on some new high tech device such as an iPhone to get people interested in your contest. People and Instagram users like free stuff, plain and simple! 

#3 Let's Play Tag! 

Tagging brands and Instagram influencers is a great way to get your name out there and get more Instagram followers. We strongly recommend partnering and or building a relationship with an influencer and some other brands if possible - the relationship can be so beneficial in getting new Likes and followers! 

The cool thing about reposting from an influencer or brand (be sure to give them credit in the post) is that they will likely like your post in return and might even comment. The more people you can tag from a post, the better - think about those Nike posts with an athlete in them. By tagging both Nike and the Athlete, you are reaching further people who will be curious to see who you are, and that's a really good thing! 

Tag a friend, too. Don't be shy, also ask friends and family members to share your posts and tag their friends if the content is something they think others would enjoy. It's a great way to build trust through transparency and get honest feedback. If your friends and family can't tell you the truth, then who will? Be prepared though, sometimes the truth hurts - but let it inspire you rather than bring you down. 

Location tags are another great way to get new followers and Likes on your posts. You can go big or you can go local - either way, you will attract real people to your post just because of where you are. Checking out a new movie, tag your location, and see how many people come along wanting to see what you thought about that movie. In fact, restaurants are one of the most tagged locations of all, and well everybody loves good food! 

Don't forget about tagging cities, states, or big events - there are a lot of people who search by these types of tags and you could easily increase your Likes and visibility by using these types of hashtags.

#4 The Wonderful World Of #Hashtags

Ever see those posts with a ton of popular hashtags on them and wonder what gives? Well, we'll tell you what gives - they are reaching hundreds, even thousands of people who they never thought they could get interested in their posts before Instagram hashtags were invented! You must use hashtags, but there are techniques for doing so. Here's how to create a hashtag strategy: 

First, we recommend having a brand hashtag of your own and stick with it - use it on all of your posts. (This helps in creating your own brand and letting it flourish on its own.) Brand hashtags will make it easier for other users to find your Instagram profile. 

Next, try to be more selective in the hashtags you use and keep them in balance with your actual brand and beliefs. All those mainstream hashtags are just that: hashtags that millions of users throw around like its free candy. You want your hashtags to be affiliated with a bigger purpose, one that you can get behind. Select relevant hashtags to reach your target audience and seem less spammy. 

This is a great way to also see what is trending in your field or industry of work. It's a great way to find influencers and brands that are sharing related content just like yours. You don't want to miss out on any of the current trends, so be sure to keep up to date on what the next big thing is and jump in when the time is right!

#5 Is It Only Just Words? 

I know we already talked about how important the perfect picture is on every post, but now we have to let you in on a little secret - the caption is just as important! If what you are saying isn't clever, then that great picture is just that, a great picture. You want to captivate your audience, awe them with your content.   This is how you get the double taps. 

Now we are not saying that every caption has to be out of this world brilliant, but we are saying it can't be mundane or just flat out boring. Sometimes just a few words or even one word works - you just have to figure out which great photo can carry minimum words. Think about the latest iPhone or Galaxy phone that is coming out soon, sometimes it's just a great photo with very few words and works like magic!

When you write engaging posts your audience is waiting to see what you will post next. You will gain respect as being a brand or person who has something with value that people desperately want to see on a daily basis. Nothing better than waking up to a great post in our feed first thing in the morning!  

This is also a great way to build your audience and get more Likes on your posts. When people are captivated by some type of emotion when seeing your posts, they are more likely to Like, share, and even comment on your post. Which is exactly what you want! 


Now that you have the inside scoop on how to increase your Likes on Instagram, there are a few more things we would like to touch base on to give you a little more edge. 

Try using a meme or GIF every once in a while to add a little humor. This often increases engagement rates. People love to be amused and when you are clever about it - you can really boost your engaging results. Just be sure that your brand can carry the 'humor' perspective and that it's appropriately acceptable by your followers. 

Maybe mix things up a bit and share a video or some behind the scenes photos of your work. Getting more personal allows people to see you as more honest and real. Transparency can be hugely successful in getting loyal followers. 

If you're a numbers person, then using the metrics and Instagram analytics available to you through Instagram will give you insights into the best times to post. But don't worry if numbers are not your thing - early mornings, lunchtime and evenings are always a great time to post, it's when people use their smartphones the most to scroll through their Instagram feeds.  

As you can imagine, there are a lot of ways to increase your Likes on Instagram and by just implementing these five tips above - you'll be well on your way to getting more likes and increasing your number of followers. #wegotyoucovered

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