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Tips for Students to Make Their Blogs Popular


Tips for Students to Make Their Blogs Popular

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Some people consider student's blogs either boring or highly concentrated on studying. But lots of the incredibly popular blogs are written by students who either conceal their age or boast it openly, nevertheless staying the experts in their fields. But what makes their blogs so amazing, and what draws so many fans to them? The right answer is simple: consistent work. Not even brilliance or personal qualities, but their work makes them great bloggers. That means you may join the stars, too. Let's see what aspects you need to have as a blogger to make people read you!

Be interactive

Nowadays, people want to have and give feedback; reading is not enough. We all love to talk and to be heard, so give your audience an opportunity to express themselves! Open a comments section under your posts, answer the visitors' comments, start discussions, and let them grow. This will make your posts more appealing not only for the real people but also for search engines, as engagement is a signal that your content is useful. For more tips on SEO for beginners, you can check out this great post by, "SEO for Beginners: 9 SEO Tips for 2020." 

Even if the format of your blog doesn't allow you to open comments (or you just don't have enough time to answer them all yet), try to make your style as conversational as possible. Imagine that you are talking to a friend or writing them a warm letter, describing something you want to show in your post. It will create a special feeling of personal connection that even more professional bloggers often lack. People subconsciously love such emotions, so there is a chance that they will return to your blog without knowing the reason.

Be light-hearted

The next step to virtual friendship is being light-hearted. Of course, you don't have to make a standup performance, but a joke or two may make your text or video much more appealing and memorable. The information that is entertaining, at least a bit, is considered more useful, and people will probably use it and return to it later.

Think about the things you want to hear after a tough day. You need to learn something, but can you do it in a fun way, not like in the classroom? If you manage to let your readers or viewers feel a little bit happier after reading your post - it is almost perfect.

Be yourself

It is hard to open up when you are just a student, and your expertise may be often questioned due to ageism. But still, you are who you are, and your value lies right here. Your blog is the virtual meeting with you. If people want pure knowledge, they go and search Wikipedia.

You don't have to create a "stage personality" for your blog: it is hard to maintain, especially at the beginning. On the contrary, try to show something about yourself. Tell about your day, drop a photo or two, make a question-and-answer session. Your constant readers are genuinely interested in you, not in your content only. So it's great to tell them a few words about your study or vacations or whatever you wish.

Be nice to others

It's obvious, isn't it? But not so when it comes to the Internet. Yes, it's your blog, and it's your full right to behave there whatever you want to. But it's the right of the readers to decide whether to read you further. So be polite to people. Use smileys or emojis if you want to show emotions, don't be shy. You have only written words to communicate with others through your blog, so make these words as nice as possible.

It becomes much harder when a troll appears under your post, or a discussion becomes too heated. Sometimes it demands all your willpower to stay calm and moderate the discussion. But remember, mostly their goal is your spoiled evening. Don't give them the pleasure; just remember that you still have a "Delete" button and the full right to use it.

Don't talk about yourself only

Again, it's your blog, and it's about you. But let's be honest: few of us have the lives every moment of which is worth describing in a blog. We all do awesome stuff, but there is a part of our life that isn't as interesting to others.

Try to choose the counterintuitive way: think about you from your reader's point of view. What do you want to hear from this guy or gal? The more you cater to your audience's needs, the more readers or viewers you'll get. Try to balance showing a personal side that we mentioned before and telling something generally interesting. Think about keeping the focus on your audience, and you'll do that great!

Be helpful

People come to your blog for a reason. They need something, so if you give them that "something," they'll come again. Think about the useful things they can find in your blog; recipes, lifehacks, study tips, your hobby guide, or anything else they may use in their own lives. There is definitely an area or two you are the expert in. Show yourself, share your knowledge, and you'll promptly get at least that chunk of the audience that has the same interests.

The rules above are just directions for you to go. The topic is yours to choose, and the style is yours to develop. But remember that people love those who think about them. Think about your audience and be popular!

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