Earning Money from Home: Tips for Students

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Earning Money from Home: Tips for Students

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The pandemic brought money-related anxiety much closer to many people. If you're a university student, you might've gotten laid off from your part-time job in the service industry. School started again, and now you have to consider how you'll pay the bills.

Luckily, online classes that most institutions are practicing nowadays are fertile ground for pursuing a career on the Internet. After all, it's much safer, more flexible, and even more stable in today's world.

There's a variety of online jobs you can take up to make ends meet. Let's review some of the best available options.

Creative Careers

If you're a creative person, you might be able to capitalize on your talent. 


Running a blog lets you pursue any of your interests, from school-related subjects to niche hobbies. Plus, it's easy to start and doesn't require an initial investment.

You'll need patience and finances for it (it'll take a while for you to start making money), though. Still, it could be the ideal way to put yourself out there while working on your terms.

Freelance Writing

If you love writing but need money to start pouring in as soon as possible, you could do it as a freelancer. You'd write for various clients, from blogs to magazines, contracting your content to them. 

Although you wouldn't be writing for yourself, it's a great way to express your ideas and create content while getting a regular paycheck. Moreover, it could be fun too -- whether you're writing a travel guide to an obscure town, or listing the best places in town to eat hot chicken wings.

Knowledge-Based Careers

No matter which career you pursue, you'll need some level of skill to do it well. However, in some cases, you'd be selling your expertise.

Online Tutoring

If you have expert knowledge in an academic field, join a website such as Course Hero. You'd answer course-specific questions of high schoolers and college students. It's an excellent side-hustle for earning a bit on the side.

Teaching English Online

Many companies worldwide welcome native-speakers with open hands to teach the language to children and adults. Most don't even require a teaching degree or experience, revolving around communication in more informal settings.


Grammar buffs could become proofreaders, using the attention to writing detail to fix other people's errors. You could join a company that deals with such services or look for individual tasks as your schedule allows.

Purchases and Sales

If you can make a small initial investment, you could earn money by selling things. Two attractive careers distinguish themselves here. 

Flipping Items

Sometimes, you'll sell something that you don't need anymore and make a profit without much effort. However, nobody has an infinite stock of such objects, so flipping items is an exciting career choice. 

It's a simple concept of purchasing items in bulk or at lower prices. Then, you'd resell them separately or for a higher price.

Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Is the next big thing in trading. So, if you know your way around digital assets, Bitcoin could be your gold mine. 

However, as the Canadian Tax Amnesty reminds us, this line of work grows. So, consider the Bitcoin taxes you have to pay to avoid getting in trouble.

Assistance Careers

If you're good at management, it's possible to do it for others for a paycheck.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

As more people transition to online careers, the demand for virtual assistants keeps growing. 

The position now encompasses everything from social media management to scheduling appointments. It all comes down to who you work for and your strong sides. 

Customer Support

Customer support requires management and people skills, but it's not too challenging. Plus, depending on the company that hires you, it could even become a career opportunity in the future. 

The Bottom Line

The remote work trend seems like it'll continue growing, so why not take advantage of it?

Some of these recommendations are more hobby-based, and some provide a full-time income from home. It's up to you to consider your needs and find what suits you best. 

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